Anomic Agent

Have started Anomic Missions again – May 19
The following have been completed recently with an Omega Clone:

Aug 17 – DANGER: – CCP have buffed some Anomic missions (Serpentis Daredevil and Blood Cruor) without warning. Check the mission page for changes.

Agent missions are very difficult, however if you are prepared and use the right fits then they shouldn’t pose a problem.

Agent mission specific issues:
The Name of the enemy mission appears on the acceleration gate.

The following information relates to Omega Clone fits:

The Daredevil used for Sansha Succubus and Angel Cartel Dramiel has a generic hull with the same rigs and some minor fitting alterations.
The Daredevil used for Gurista’s Worm uses a different rig set to the ones above.

I have 2 Daredevils, a Wolf (Cruor) and a Hawk (Daredevil) sitting in the hanger. This covers all the Agent missions.

Anomic Agent Missions:
Sansha – Succubus – Last Completed 07 May 19 -( My YouTube Video )-

Angel Cartel – Dramiel Last Completed 06 May 19 -( My YouTube Video )-

Guristas – Worm – Last Completed 15 May 19 -( My YouTube Video )-

Serpentis Daredevil –  Last Completed 17 Sep 17 -( My YouTube Video  )-

Blood Raider – Cruor Last Completed 17 Sep 17 -( My YouTube Video )-

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