‘Yadot – A Capsuleers Adventure in Eve Online’

Jan 2023 – Back to Alpha

I have let all accounts lapse back to Alpha

Oct 2022 – Burner Video Updates

As part of being Omega again I thought I would update the Burner videos. Base and Agent are done. I just need to voice the Team ones and I will post them.

June 2022 – OMEGA

I have a months re-sub to rescue my PI and R&D Cores. Will be doing some Burner stuff too and updating those pages. Noticed how difficult it was to navigate the burner stuff after my foray into Alpha Anomic. I might just un-link those pages.

March 2022 – Still here

I think about the restrictions placed on my Alpha accounts and wonder whether subscribing an account or two is worth it. My PI network is full and dormant, my research agents are ticking away and have been for years and in those two things alone there are billions of Isk in assets waiting to be realised. The reason I don’t re-subscribe is worth a post of sorts.

August 2021 – Back in game, but not sure how long.

I have decided to post the Thukker and Gallente zero standing COSMOS agents. I completed these after the Minmatar series and planned to get as far as I could as an Alpha, unfortunately with Gallente I didn’t get far because the first level one mission required a bit more fire power than I could muster.

September 2020 – RL changes will see me offline for a little while.

March / April 2020 – I have started an Alt to run the Minmatar Cosmos Missions. There is a bunch of old information out there and some of it is incorrect so I hope to rectify that.

January 2020 – I am still logging in, although almost all of last year was spent as an Alpha. I continue to run different content until it loses appeal or I think of something else to do. I guess this is one of the great things about Eve, there is so much to do.

March 2019 – The March update saw the end of my foray into Alpha Anomic. It was fun while it lasted even if I did lose a few expensive ships. Onwards and upwards to the next thing:- Alpha Abyssal

January 2019 – I am working through Anomic missions using Alpha Clones. Completed on Live Server successfully, pages on the following links:-

This is going to take a while as I am doing a lot of work on the test server checking cheap fits. I will post a new page for each mission once I am satisfied they can be done consistently and safely on the Live server.

Fly Safe