‘Yadot – A Capsuleers Adventure in Eve Online’

August 2021 – Back in game, but not sure how long.

I have decided to post the Thukker and Gallente zero standing COSMOS agents. I completed these after the Minmatar series and planned to get as far as I could as an Alpha, unfortunately with Gallente I didn’t get far because the first level one mission required a bit more fire power than I could muster.

September 2020 – RL changes will see me offline for a little while.

March / April 2020 – I have started an Alt to run the Minmatar Cosmos Missions. There is a bunch of old information out there and some of it is incorrect so I hope to rectify that.

January 2020 – I am still logging in, although almost all of last year was spent as an Alpha. I continue to run different content until it loses appeal or I think of something else to do. I guess this is one of the great things about Eve, there is so much to do.

March 2019 – The March update saw the end of my foray into Alpha Anomic. It was fun while it lasted even if I did lose a few expensive ships. Onwards and upwards to the next thing:- Alpha Abyssal

January 2019 – I am working through Anomic missions using Alpha Clones. Completed on Live Server successfully, pages on the following links:-

This is going to take a while as I am doing a lot of work on the test server checking cheap fits. I will post a new page for each mission once I am satisfied they can be done consistently and safely on the Live server.

Fly Safe