Anomic Missions

Anomic Missions and the specific mission pages can be found using the links below.

Anomic Mission Pages:

My Anomic Missions Videos:
Agent Missions  – Team Missions – Base Missions

Just a word of warning… These fits worked for me on the date listed.

That doesn’t mean they work now. I strongly suggest you use the Singularity Test Server and try them out first.   These EXACT fits work for me. 
Check the killboards for pilots who thought a couple of percent difference in thrust wasn’t a big deal. You have been warned!

There is some really good information out there regarding these missions, and there is some not so good info. I strongly urge you to try it out on the test server first.

My primary sources of information:
–  Jori McKie’s post on Eve Forums (be careful, some of it is out of date).
–  Jori McKie’s Google Docs summary (more recent info and new cheap fits).
 Illegal Wanderer videos
–  NPC Burner Ships by Chruker
–  Anize Oramara’s Blitz Guide and video
Henk Bishop videos

Anomic Generic things to consider:

  1. There are accounts of mission glitch. Bonuses not working, Burners behaving badly, stuff just not going like planned. Factor that in. I got hit by a Jaguar at 28km’s for a wrecking shot. If I was in a Polarized rocket Garmur I would have been hit hard….
  2. Use The Agency to find a system with two or more Level 4 Security agents. If you are lucky you will be able to find a system with 3 or more and use that as a base.
  3. Fly around requesting missions as they last for 7 days and you can view them in your Journal. You don’t lose standing leaving missions on offer past their expiry date and you can decline missions without visiting the agent again by starting a conversation from your journal and declining. Just make sure that 4 hours has elapsed since you requested the mission.
    [Declining a mission from a particular agent more than once every 4 hours (when this says 4 hours you can decline the mission) may result in a loss of standing with that agent, except in the case of special missions that clearly state otherwise in their description]
  4. Some sites recommend rejecting normal missions to get only Anomic missions. Be Careful! Once you piss your Agent off and hit -2 standing with them you will not be able to use them again regardless of Faction or Race standings.
  5. Check the public kill boards, such as zKillboard for Burner kills. Is your fit listed? If your fit is listed often something is wrong. Go to test and try it out first.
  6. Free Reps at most Citadels (Drones are repaired as well). Make sure you repair your ship before you put it away, that way you won’t warp into a mission with damage.
  7. You can decline an Anomic Mission without standing loss to the agent. You can decline an Anomic Mission you have already accepted and failed to complete without standing loss to the agent. Because there is no standing loss for declining or failing an Anomic Mission then it is better to walk away and decline if it doesn’t seem right.
  8. You do not incur any standing loss to any race or faction for the Burner ship kills.

Fly Safe as Always