Anomic Base

Anomic Missions are no longer available to Alpha Clone – 13 Mar 19

May 2019 – Have re-subbed and am running Anomic again. Dates updated where necessary.

January 2019 – I am working through the missions using Alpha Clones.
Completed on Live Server successfully, pages on the following links:-

Aug 17- DANGER: – CCP have buffed some Anomic missions without warning. If you run them check the forums for current fits. Please Read – EvE Forum Post Discussion

Update: 28 Aug 17 – Blood Raider Base run on Live Server and my fit is ok, no change to mission that I can see.
Update: 29 Aug 17 – Angel Transport Base run on Live Server and my fit is ok.

Update: 30 Aug 17 – Serpentis Base run on Live Server and my fit is ok, however I lost 4 drones so be prepared.

These are the missions, and fits, used on the live server Tranquility and the dates the mission was last completed. The YouTube video is from the first successful attempt, not the most recent.

Serpentis Base – 3 x Talos
Last Completed 10 May 19 – with Daredevil
( My YouTube Video )

Angel Base – Angel Transport and Four Guardians (Dramiel)
Last Completed 15 May 19
( My YouTube Video )

Blood Raider Base – Ashimmu and 2 x Sentinel
Last Completed – 05 May 19
( My YouTube Video )

Gurista’s Base – Wyvern Class Supercarrier Antero with support
Last completed –
27 May 17I won’t be doing this again, too little reward for the risk.
( Complete video 19 minutes )