Anomic Team

I use the Polarized Rocket Garmur for all Anomic Team missions.

2022 videos:

Caldari Navy Hawk and Bantam
Federation Navy Enyo and Navitas
Imperial Navy Vengeance and Inquisitor
Republic Fleet Jaguar and Burst

Generic Team Mission Information:
The gate to the mission is called an acceleration gate – no enemy type is displayed.
The Logistics ships are not armed.

Anomic Team specific issues:
1)   The dangerous part of a team mission is the approach. If you fire up your MWD immediately on landing and use ‘orbit’ you may head directly into the main burner’s web and warp disruption range. Alternately, if the main enemy turns away and then renews the attack you may close the gap too quick.

2)   Ensure you have a stable orbit around the main burner before you do anything. To achieve this ensure you set your ‘keep at range’ and ‘orbit’ correctly before you activate the gate.

3)   Never ever go back into a Team mission that you have lost a ship in. They will be on the beacon at zero waiting. If you lose one remember to bookmark the wreck. Wrecks are not scannable.