Anomic Agent – Serpentis – Daredevil

Post Aug 17 patch : The Armor takes a little longer to break, you have plenty of boosters and time is not an issue, be patient, overheat the TP when the Daredevil is about 50% armor and keep an eye on heat damage.

Warning: 05 Sep 17 – Have run this twice post patch and it wasn’t a huge problem. However did it today and almost lost the Hawk. Damage output of the Daredevil was massive. Came home in flames. The mission can be completed with this fit but be prepared to react. My guess is that CCP have not fixed the issue.

Anomic Agent – Serpentis – Daredevil – Last Completed  17 Sep 17 fit ok

My Hawk vs Serpentis Daredevil

With Level 5 skills, this fit worked on the date above.
Here are some pilots who tried alternate fits – Burner Daredevil Kills

This one has taken a while because I didn’t have the skills to fly the Hawk and when I did I was disappointed by the results on test. It seemed too easy. I had three missions lined up on the live server so I decided to buy a Hawk, fit it out and run them.

The Enemy:
The Daredevil will Warp Scramble you with 2 points at 16km’s. Stasis Webify you at 18km’s causing a -90% speed reduction. Orbit range is 11km at 1,200m/s.
Burner Daredevil Stats – by Chruker

Before Activating the gate:
Set ‘keep at range’ to 1,000m
You can overheat the Small Electrochemical Capacitor Booster I and Phased Scoped Target Painter if you want.
Check all modules for damage, ensure rockets are loaded, ensure Cap Booster is loaded.
Make sure you have enough Cap Booster charges in the hold.
Activate the Pithum C-Type Medium Shield Booster when you activate the gate.
Running the shields early takes the initial hit.

On Landing:
You land approx. 6km’s way from the Daredevil.
Target and Lock the Daredevil.
Activate both Stasis Webifier’s, Rocket Launchers and Target Painter .
Select ‘Approach’. [moving at 38m/s is better than nothing]
If you overheated the Cap Booster then make sure you deactivate it
Leave the Target Painter overheated, just watch heat damage on the Stasis Webifier’s.
If your Webifier’s are working you should have slowed him down to 280m/s and he will remain at 11km’s.
It is just a matter of ensuring you have enough cap to run the Webifier’s and Shield Booster.

Edit: In a recent attempt, I let the cap run low and lost the Target Painter and a Webifier’s – not a good feeling.

Also, Navy Cap Booster 400’s are more likely to sustain cap with everything running. I have tried Navy Cap Booster 200’s and the cycle and recharge time left me very concerned.

Update Jan 17
Combat 614 from Burner Daredevil – Wrecks
Combat 284 from Burner Daredevil – Smashes
Combat 284 from Burner Daredevil – Smashes
Very lucky that I didn’t get another wrecking shot as I was bleeding into armour.

Consumed: 132 x Scourge Rage Rockets. 2 x Navy Cap Boosters.
All faction Webifier’s (except Fed Navy and Khanid) have the same stats.

No Implants – Skills at Level 5
[Hawk, Serpentis Daredevil killer]
Ballistic Control System II
Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System

Small Electrochemical Capacitor Booster I
Phased Scoped Target Painter
Dread Guristas Stasis Webifier
Dread Guristas Stasis Webifier
Pithum C-Type Medium Shield Booster

[Empty High slot]
Rocket Launcher II – Scourge Rage Rocket
Rocket Launcher II – Scourge Rage Rocket
Rocket Launcher II – Scourge Rage Rocket
Rocket Launcher II – Scourge Rage Rocket

Small Warhead Rigor Catalyst II
Small Warhead Rigor Catalyst II

Navy Cap Booster 400 x 21


2 thoughts on “Anomic Agent – Serpentis – Daredevil

  1. Question on the Rockets you are using:
    according to the link to serpentis burner stats you have posted, and calculation of total EHP per each resist which I believe is HP/(1 – Resist/100), I have the following numbers:
    EM: 14079.36508
    TH: 12526.1324
    KI: 13002.32288
    EX: 11697.5006
    which makes me think that Nova rockets will bring burner down faster by approx. 10%.
    What do you think?
    I’d like to test it on the Singularity, though unfortunately my acc is not active there yet…


    • Jori McKie suggests Caldari Navy Scourge, I was using Scourge Rage as I had a few thousand spare. Singularity mirrored yesterday (I think). Given that you should have plenty of boosters and tank, it would be possible to load Nova’s and try it live?


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