Anomic Agent – Sansha – Succubus

Completed post Aug 17 patch – no issues noted.

Anomic Agent – Sansha – Succubus – last completed with this fit – 06 Sep 17

My Daredevil vs Anomic Agent Succubus on YouTube

With Level 5 skills, this fit worked on the date above.
Here are some pilots who tried alternate fits – Burner Succubus Kills

There are plenty of dead pilots who followed the fit but used Ion Blasters

There is a fair bit of information about this mission and quite a few videos. Jori McKie suggests using Null S for this one, but his crib notes talk about Void S. You can apply damage sooner with Null S and it works, but it is slower than closing the gap and using Void S.
Optimal for Null is 3k and fall off is 9km’s so you can pretty much start the guns immediately. Just remember to watch the heat damage on your modules if you have overloaded.
Edit: 70 x Null S used without overload, not as efficient as Void, but works.

The Enemy:
The Succubus has a top speed of approx. 4,750m/s – 2 point Warp Scramble to 19km and Stasis Webfier at 20km for -60% speed reduction.
Burner Succubus Stats – by Chruker

Before you activate the Gate:
Set ‘keep at range’ to 1,000m for Void S and 2,800m for Null.
Select overload on Stasis Webifier and Afterburner (the overload on the Afterburner probably isn’t necessary but it helps close range and reduce the damage you are taking)
Activate EM Hardener
Check all modules for damage, ensure guns are loaded, ensure Small Electrochemical Capacitor Booster I is loaded.

Edit: The most recent attempt I didn’t overheat the Stasis Webifier or Afterburner and still managed to trap the Succubus. It’s orbit is 14k’s so as long as you are using a Faction web it shouldn’t be an issue.

On Landing:
You will come out of warp about 3km’s from the Succubus and be targeted, Warp Scrambled and webbed very quickly while it tries to burn away.
Activate your Stasis Webifier and Afterburner and approach at the same time. Getting the Stasis Webifier on is everything.
Make Sure you turn off overheat on Stasis Webifier and Afterburner after one cycle.
Turn on the Small Armor Repairer when your shields are about to go, you should have plenty of ships capacitor for a few cycles before you need to activate the booster.
Guns are a secondary consideration. You need to get within 3,000m for Void S otherwise you are wasting ammo.
If you are using Null S turn your Afterburner off when the range is 9,000m. You should still have a speed advantage.
If it all goes well and you manage to get the Webifier on and close the gap to under 10k’s – make sure the overload on the Webifier and Afterburner is off.
Losing the Webifier, by burning it out, is death.

What Happened:
The Small Armor Repairer managed to keep up and the ships capacitor lasted a lot longer than I expected. In the end I didn’t overload the guns.

The fit below is the one I used. I have added other Faction modules in brackets because you can save a fortune shopping around and they have the same stats.

Consumed –  2 Navy Cap boosters and 48 Void S.

No Implants – Skills at Level 5
[Jori McKie – Unified Daredevil.]
Centii A-Type Small Armor Repairer – (or Corpii)
Centus B-Type Armor EM Hardener – (or Core or Corpus)
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II

Coreli A-Type 1MN Afterburner (or Gistii)
Federation Navy Stasis Webifier (you need 14k range at least)
Small Electrochemical Capacitor Booster I – Navy Cap Booster 400

Light Neutron Blaster II – Void S or Null
[Empty High slot or use offline remote rep as heat sink]
Light Neutron Blaster II – Void S or Null

Small Nanobot Accelerator I
Small Auxiliary Nano Pump I
Small Auxiliary Nano Pump II


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