Last Post for a while

This blog will be going slightly dark.
Just like my meandering Eve career, my real life one has taken a new direction requiring disconnection of all but the most rudimentary links. How long before re-connection occurs is unknown at this stage.

My predictions on what Eve will look like when I get back:

  • WWBII will be over, the PanFam and allies will have disintegrated spectacularly – Goons, whether you like them or not, will remain in the game, in some form or other, regardless of all the noise.
  • Ignoring the cries of the players and CSM members CCP will implement the Resource Redistribution patch and things will change. The only way to effectively protest is to stop paying but you won’t do that will you? Winning is not leaving – it is Biomassing your toons and assets.
  • Triglavians and their new systems will go the way of Sansha and Blood Riders incursion, just another annoyance to people doing business in High Sec.
  • Metaliminal Storms will prove to be a pain in the arse for the 5 systems they seem to be stuck in.
  • CSM may not exist next year.
  • Player numbers will continue to decline.

Hope to be back soon, because I have so much more to do before I win Eve.

Fly Safe as always,

And leave your MTU’s out (Pix needs more kills)

5 thoughts on “Last Post for a while

    • Just a geographical relocation – given my country still uses string and two cans for communication it might be a while before I find a decent connection.


  1. I wouldn’t like to guess at the state of EVE in the future.

    In some ways I can see the chaos endearing newer players, if they can survive the toxicity of the older players.

    Whether CCP deserves such a success given their myopic approach, I am not so sure.

    Good luck with the move.


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