A return of sorts

Almost a year has passed since the last entry and visits have fallen off significantly. Overall readership is down 75%. The top three views are of the Anomic Mission series. The most viewed post is Anomic Base – Angel Transport and Guardians which is a bit of a surprise as it is a relatively simple mission and seems to be covered in various videos and other guides.

When I started this blog at the end of 2015, I decided that posts were to be ‘all about the game’ and never about RL. I’m about to break that rule.
My country monopolised and then privatised internet connectivity and botched it. My choice of internet is limited to Satellite or Targeted Wireless. Both are horrible for gaming and provide no value for money. I have some 4G mobile coverage although if it is a windy day, or there is a bit of rain, then the link becomes patchy. Eve is playable with a mobile hotspot, but only just.

My return to the game involved hooking up a USB hotspot, reinstalling the 2FA app and looking for passwords. I opened the installer and waited while it updated the launcher and game. When I finally logged in it was only to check the Corp wallet, look in the hanger, spin my ship and log out.

Eve works well if you have a goal whether it be with friends or flying solo. I have suffered from disinterest and ‘in game apathy’ before. The malaise normally manifests itself when there is no predetermined goal. On the 8th of August I went out and found a suitable target. I am back into killing MTU’s. The goal is to kill 100. (low bar, I know but enough to log in for)

Interestingly, other goals started to present themselves as soon as the killmail was posted. I was looking at my hanger fleet and realised I didn’t have a Force Auxiliary Carrier. I vaguely remember when the FAX line was introduced in 2016 that Carrier owners had to decide if they wanted a Carrier or a FAX. I think that the default was FAX? To finish the capital line for Minmatar I need a Lif and a Ragnarok. I had a Ragnarok once, did something silly and lost it. Maybe the end of the war will see some Titan fire sales? As for acquiring a Lif there are a few on contract and I am keeping an eye out for a hull close to my base.

While not capitals as such, I also have the Fenrir and Nomad. When I saw the replacement cost of a Nomad I nearly fell out of my chair. The change to allow a beacon on a Venture to summon a JF is welcome, but risking 13+ billion (current Jita) means mine will stay in the hanger.

On another note, the number of views jumped slightly on the 20th of August and it might have something to do with this Reddit post regarding storyline modules. COSMOS searches and hits have jumped. Storyline modules come from COSMOS missions and sites, unfortunately game changes have broken various agents and removed items required to finish missions, but the modules persist in the game. I have submitted bug reports, most remain unopened.

I found the 3 day ‘log in skill giveaway’ at the end of August interesting because the SP was time sensitive, or did I read that wrong? My main character has almost 3 million SP in credit and can’t use them unless I subscribe – Oh, I see what you did there CCP. Unfortunately for me I don’t have a connection that will allow me to get he most out of a subscribed game.

Recent comments across various platforms are that numbers are declining – Eve is dying. Players have been saying that since I started in 2006, so I tend to take no notice. I did however sneak a quick look at Eve-offline and saw that player numbers are their lowest at around 4.30-5.00 UTC and I wondered why server maintenance occurred at 11.00 UTC. Wouldn’t it be better to run maintenance when the least amount of players were online?

Another thing that caught my eye was the demise of Eve Meet. Very sad that it has become a victim of the pandemic. However there seems to be a CCP sponsored replacement with free hoodies for organisers. What could possibly go wrong?

I made some predictions in my last post, so how did I fare?
Very well considering the amount of time and game changes. Out of the six predictions five of them were met or almost fulfilled. The only one that didn’t eventuate was “CSM may not exist next year.” maybe I just got the year wrong…

15 years, 4 months and 29 days. Too much time invested to biomass and walk away. I will make do with a mobile hotspot until something better comes along.

Fly Safe as always and scoop your MTU.