Continuing FW

It is fun and I need fun to keep me engaged in Eve. It is something I can do as an Alpha character. It doesn't take hours, sometimes as little as 15 minutes. I don't have to wait for other players to be ready. I think I have found something that will keep me engaged for … Continue reading Continuing FW



After the Titan loss I was wondering what to do next. I haven't been very active, and my accounts have gone Alpha, but I log in from time to time because there are things you can do on an expired Omega account, like keeping the PI extractors going to fill the launchpad. My 3 day cycle … Continue reading FW

What next

My embarrassing loss is still on the top banner for zKillboard, lucky for me Eve players like blowing stuff up and that harrowing reminder will be gone soon enough. The Reddit post only scored 6 up-votes "nothing to see here - please move along". It was an unremarkable loss that seems to happen so often in … Continue reading What next

Still Kicking

I am still logging in most days of the week with a brand new toon called Edward the Explorer. He does what his name say's and explores. He was gifted a small amount of Isk to start his travels and set a medical clone so that he didn't have to do the New Player Experience … Continue reading Still Kicking


Opps, Back in February I said: "I opened the channel list looking for a chat I used to visit and noticed that DUST514 still has a dedicated channel and there is still an infantry icon on local chat" Wilhelm warned his readers that: " If, sitting on the outside looking in, you think something should be … Continue reading Sorry