Resource Distribution Update

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If you are looking for an in depth analysis of the proposed change you wont get it here – I pop MTU’s for giggles so don’t expect me to look too deeply into anything.

CCP are thinking out loud and the player base is melting down. I must admit I was taken by surprise at some of the expectations that CCP cited in the closing notes, but it is their game and I don’t pay to play.

The meltdown threadnought on Eve Forums was worth scrolling through. Two consistent themes emerged.

  1. ZOMG CCP I am unsubbing now you are idiots.
  2. CSM members saying they were told, but not asked to provide feedback

The second point is interesting.
Brisc Rubal suggested CCP post this as a “we are thinking of these changes” and they ignored his advice.
Kenneth Field stated that CSM input was not required or desired going as far to say thet CCP don’t care about player input either.
Mike Azariah says that the CSM cares about miners and are engaging with the Dev’s while this plays out.
Fuzzy Steve is pretty happy not to be on the CSM.

If you don’t like the proposed changes I suggest you wait and see if they are implemented before voting with your wallets. Unfortunately you may be forced to anyway. By design or as an unintentional consequence the mineral markets are reacting already.

Hope you have plenty of Tritanium stashed away,
Fly Safe

2 thoughts on “Resource Distribution Update

  1. This is one of those changes where CCP knows people will complain, but they think they know best and it is the right thing for the game. I’ve noticed in such cases they will bypass the CSM if it suits.

    Regards all the angry players – they have cried wolf far too many times over unsubscribing. That threat is pretty toothless now.

    I don’t know how damaging this change will be. It looks to be something that the bigger groups / harder players will game and profit from. The people who will suffer are the solo and small groups, particularly the casual players. For this change, I suspect the poor will get poorer, the rich will get richer.

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