Yulai dual Titan kill

Yuali Whack A Bot seems to have become an annual event. CCP drop ships from banned accounts into the Yuali Graveyards and it is a free for all. For some pilots it is the only time they will ever get the chance to participate in a Capital kill and enjoy the thrill of TiDi. For me it was an opportunity to pad my killboard stats and swing the Isk deficit into a surplus.

I set the alarm and got online just before the published event time of 1700 UTC which for me is early – very dark early. Loaded into station and un-docked in my trusty Slasher to a long black screen.

When the grid finally loaded there were 1800 pilots congregating around the Yulai Ships Graveyard and local was going off like a week old pork chop. TiDi was hovering between 16 and 25% and not much was making sense.

There was plenty of anger in local. Why didn’t they reinforce the node, where are the targets, who do I shoot, CCP its 2020 ffs and of course the abuse wouldn’t be complete without Grr Gons.

Must admit I was a bit annoyed to start with. CCP dropped the Bots in under a Suspect Timer and not a Criminal timer so I missed a few opportunities and it took me a while to clear the overview and set it for capitals, capital industrial, Supers and Titans. What did help was one of the ISD folks was announcing the imminent arrival of targets in local – unfortunately that was swept away as soon as it was broadcast.

Getting a lock on target was problematic, TiDi was an issue as well as getting stuck in the ship ball and not being able to align out. To make matters worse CCP was dropping the targets 120k’s out so that only the snipers got a look in. I think they got the message because 5 Rorquals appeared close. Anything smaller than a capital I missed, I heard that some industrials appeared but my overview let me down.

In the end I managed to get on an Archon, Rorqual, Hel and both Titans so the op was a success as far as I am concerned.
If I am around next year I will take a sensor boosted long range sniper and make sure my overview is sorted.
For all the hand wringing and teeth nashing, I thought CCP did a good job even if the node was a bit shaky…

Fly Safe,

Edit:- added the zKillboard info since there seems to be some confusion over on Reddit. The kills are there, they appeared about 15 mins after the event concluded and they haven’t been removed due to Squizz’s new padding remover. The heat map shows how dark it was when I got up 🙂

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