I was running a few Anomic missions around my main area of activity on one account and running the freighter up the pipe on the other account. The freighter run was uneventful and I watched the gates go by sloooowly.
My main jumped back into the home system to grab some more ammo and I saw this post in local chat.

“Wanted – gun for hire”

I ignored it, after all I am in one of the busiest mission hubs in my sector and this sort of thing just cries bait. I wandered off and did another Anomic Team mission, handed it in and headed back home.

This time the post said “5 mill for help”.

I was curious and every sense in my body was screaming ‘its a trap’ but I checked the players history and fired up zkillboard. If this guy was a ganker he was rubbish at it. So I threw him a private convo to see if I could get a feel for the situation and the more he talked the more I realized he was just an average player who underestimated the mission.

In the Midst of Deadspace 1, pocket 2 has a hand full of Imperial Navy frigates that warp scramble your ship. The recommended course of action is to kill them first but in this case it looks like our hapless missioner missed the mark and was caught in an endless cycle of scram with no way out.

I have been there, returning to missions after several years I found my Battleship hopelessly scrammed by a handful of frigates and had to log in a second character to get it out.

I offered to help, no Isk required.
We fleeted,
I flew in and popped the scram ships,
He thanked me profusely,
I warped out.

Hopefully he pays this forward one day and doesn’t get ganked 🙂

Fly Safe as Always

PS: This was a one off, I won’t be doing it anytime soon….


One thought on “Halp

  1. nice of you to help. The missions can be confusing to newbros and sometimes a little bit of help is all thats needed to keep a player in the game. (speaking from personal experience…)


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