Incursion blues

I have been away from Eve for a week or so and on reconnecting with the game was surprised to find an Incursion happening in my mission area. Not in my home system, but in the Constellation next to it. Unfortunately this meant that almost all the missions my agents supplied would have to be run in a system inside the Incursion Constellation. This isn’t something I have had to deal with since I started running Anomic missions.

While this might be a pain for the average mission runner, it is a total nightmare for Anomic mission runners. To see what the system wide penalties really meant, I flew the Garmur into a Sansha Vanguard system and opened up the fitting screen.

My Anomic Team running Garmur uses Polarised Weapons it doesn’t have resists but the 10% drop in damage per second (DPS) was enough to make me worry. A drop of 28 (273 to 245) didn’t seem like much until you take into account the amount of DPS required to overcome the logistic capability of Anomic team sites. The mission could be done, but did I really want to do it?

Since Anomic Team is basically an ‘orbit and shoot’ mission I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. There is no penalty for failing to complete an accepted Anomic mission so nothing tried nothing gained. I accepted a mission comprising an Enyo with its Navatas logistic ships situated in a Vanguard system. With the first Navatas locked and painted I proceeded to unload copious quantities of rockets and it’s shield melted.
A good start but, hindered by the remote repping capability of its partner, the attack seemed to stall at about 25% armor. I overloaded the rocket launchers and slowly chewed through till it popped. The rest of the mission was uneventful but I don’t think I would have been able to break the tank in an Assault or Headquarters site.

Interested in resist penalties I grabbed the Gila, probably my heaviest tanked ship, and flew to the same system. The 10% drop in DPS was complimented by a 10% drop in resists which related to about an 8% drop in effective hit points (EHP).
I didn’t have to do the math, there was no way I was going to be running any Anomic Base or Agent missions in the incursion systems while the influence remained at 100%.

To pass the time, I jumped down to Null to tend the PI farm and move a few things about in preparation for the introduction of refineries. I left a character in High Security space to do some administrative chores and keep an eye on the progress of the Incursion. By the time I jumped back the incursion had 0% influence, although it seemed it was still going.

I decided to run a few Anomic Team missions, due to expire, and was instantly made aware of the biggest penalty. The 50% reduction in bounty payments does not scale with the influence of the incursion. Even though the other penalties were at zero, that is – my guns and resists were back to normal, the bounties were still reduced.
My Anomic Ashimu mission returned 7.5 mill which isn’t worth getting the Gila out of the hanger for.

I am not complaining. I am slightly annoyed that I can’t play the game the way I want to because of an outside influence, but that is a small inconvenience and just part of the greater game.

What this has done is given me an interest in the Incursion community. This might be something to investigate in the near future, because once Medium Railgun Specialization is complete I will be able to try out the final outstanding Anomic Base Super Carrier mission.
Once that is done I would only be running them for Isk which isn’t why I play Eve, I play it for enjoyment and grinding just doesn’t do it for me.

So while annoying, it has made me think and check out another facet of Eve that I haven’t tried before.

Something for the future…. with or without rose coloured glasses.

Fly Safe as Always,





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