Anomic Base – Angel Transport and Guardians (4 x Dramiel)

Anomic Base – Angel – 4 x Dramiel and Angel Transport  – last completed 29 Aug 17

29 Aug 17: Mission run on Live Server, my fit is ok, didn’t notice any change.

WARNING – Recent changes (June 17) to Drone AI mean that your drones will get killed at an alarming rate. If you are using the cheap version I suggest loading the cargo hold with drones and using the Mobile Depot to replenish in a hope to reduce incoming DPS. No drones means you will get hit hard! I am averaging 10 drone deaths per mission.

My Vigilant vs 4 x Angel Dramiel and the Clone Soldier Transport – YouTube

Completed with no skill hard-wiring implants, All skills level 5 except Medium Hybrid Specialization (4). I had no difficulty using the cheap T2 fit for this mission. (Cheap still costs 300 mill as the base ship is expensive)
I had the ship and almost all the skills late last year and had done a test run on Singularity without issue. Took a long time for it to be offered on Tranquility.

Recent odd Loot: 1 x Clone Soldier Recruiter Tag

There are plenty of fits for this mission, choose one you are comfortable with and have tested. There are lots of video’s to help you understand what you are getting yourself into. There are a lot of pilots who tried alternate Vigilant, and other interesting fits, and died – Burner Dramiel Escort Kills

Total Bounty – approx. 21 Million Isk

The Enemy:
4 x Dramiel Escorts, orbit speed 2,100m/s, Warp Scramble 2 points at 16km. Missiles (EM 55 dps) and Turrets (Explosive 96 dps and Kinetic 20 dps) which is a lot of incoming fire. There is no information on the Clone Soldier Transport, but it looks like a Prowler or Wreath. Not a threat.
Burner Dramiel Stats – By Chruker

Before you activate the gate:
Check Drones.
Check Capacitor Boosters – loaded and a few spares.
No need to set orbit as this is a stationary mission.
Overload your Armor Explosive Hardener II’s
Have you got an MWD ? Chasing the transport without AB or MWD will last for about 150 km before your drones kill it.

On Landing:
You will exit warp in the center of a complex. The Escort Dramiels will be about 20km away in four corners. They will lock you and approach at speed. The Clone Soldier Transport will be heading away from the site. Don’t worry, it won’t get away.
Deploy the Mobile Tractor Unit, Deploy the Mobile Depot.

Activate your Armor Explosive Hardeners once the Dramiels close in.
Lock all targets.

Once they close to 4km’s, lock one, activate all the Stasis Webifiers and fire Blasters, Launch drones and attack.
The Stasis Webifier should slow the Dramiel down to 12m/s, or less, allowing your Heavy Neutron Blasters to hit.
Rinse Repeat.
The idea is to kill the Escorts as quickly as possible.
Once you have killed 2 of them you can de-activate the overload on the Armor Explosive Hardeners so they don’t burn out.
You will lose drones, but I didn’t find them that effective. None of the Dramiels focused on the drones and stopped firing, so if you were hoping they would reduce the in-coming DPS, then I suggest you make sure you have a good tank.
Update: Swapped out Hornet I’s for Hobgoblin I’s because the weakest resist on the NPC Dramiel is Thermal. That made one of them target the drones. Less incoming damage but I would not count on it to save you. (Deploying the Mobile Depot allows you to reload drones directly from your cargo bay to your drone bay)

With the Escorts dead, scoop the loot from the Tractor Unit, Remove a Stasis Webifier and turn another off, then fit the Micro Warp Drive. Scoop the Tractor Unit and Depot.
Burn out to the Transport and kill it.

Consumed: 225 Void M and 3 x Cap Booster 800

No Skill Hardwiring Implants – Skills at 5, except Medium Blaster Specialisation (4)

[Anzie Omara’s Vigilant]
Medium Armor Repairer II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Armor Explosive Hardener II
Armor Explosive Hardener II

Stasis Webifier II
Stasis Webifier II
Stasis Webifier II
Medium Electrochemical Capacitor Booster I – Cap Booster 800

Heavy Neutron Blaster II
Heavy Neutron Blaster II
Heavy Neutron Blaster II
Heavy Neutron Blaster II
Heavy Neutron Blaster II

Medium Anti-EM Pump II
Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump II
Medium Nanobot Accelerator I

Hornet I x10
Void M x4000
50MN Cold-Gas Enduring Microwarpdrive
Mobile Tractor Unit
Mobile Depot




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