Strange News

I drop into Singularity from time to time to see how Caldari Cruiser training is progressing. Hopefully it finishes in around 20 days and then I will be ready to choose a ship to take on the Anomic Base Ashimu and Sentinel mission. I have been messing around with suggested fits, and am looking forward to testing the Gila, Othrus and Onyx.

Last night I went into check the training and noticed that the news article in the top right corner was different from the live server. It had been posted very recently.


I read the note and thought, yes I do remember who built the first Outpost. One of the guys in a work forum was a member of Ascendant Frontier and reminded us, often, that they were the major force in Eve (before the forum hacking, loss of Steve and BoB spoiled everything).

Anyway, I thought this is interesting, a new look at an old bit of news.

I was disappointed to find it was just a link to the original news item written in 2005, without clarifying comments. I switched back to Tranquillity and it wasn’t there. Could they be getting ready to herald the removal of POS and outposts?
My guess is that they are testing something or it was a slow news day.

On other news,
If you change your login password after Singularity (Test) patches, then you need your old password to access it. Seems the account information doesn’t automatically populate. Lucky I remembered my old passwords.

I have been keeping track of Anomic Missions and am logging how many of each are offered and completed. Now that I have a shiny new Vigilant in the hanger I am looking forward to the Angel Base mission. Unfortunately it has only come up 3 times this month in comparison to the 6 Talos missions. I am getting offered the Ashimu and Wyvern missions on an irregular basis as well but have to decline them. I tracked the missions in January so it will be interesting to see if there is a pattern of offers.

I have changed how the blog displays and set the Burner page as static. Hopefully this means that people visiting find what they want all in one place and don’t have to hunt for it. The stats seem to bear this out with people going back to the static page to search for other Anomic Mission information. I would like to dump WP and find a more suitable platform, but it is free and I am not sure I want to move just yet.

Fly Safe as Always,