Greetings fellow Eveians

First post for 2022, Happy New Year to all and I sincerely hope it is a lot kinder on humanity than last year.

Dr Who is coming to Eve next week and there has been a lot of discussion, gnashing of teeth and general disquiet. I am looking forward to it because unlike other recent events (looking at you Crimson Harvest) about half of it is meant to be new player friendly which means Alpha friendly.
Makes sense right, a bunch of Whovians signing up for an Alpha Account to play in a game that is so fundamentally different in moral and ethical values that it is a bit like Green Peace announcing the acquisition of a Coal Mine. Wait what?
I am not as invested in the game as I used to be and find it hard to get emotional about new content. I keep meaning to re-sub my accounts, but never actually go through with it. I am a lurker, playing in the shadows and not really contributing anything. Having said that, I think I understand the frustration some players are experiencing with the direction of the game. A game they love and have invested in, not only time, but emotionally and financially. The Dr Who convergence is an apt target for their frustration after a year of disappointment, but is it the right one?
I really don’t know.
Lots of un-sub rage over at r/Eve as well as some very funny meme’s, but at the end of the day the only effective protest is Biomass, something I am not ready to do and definitely not because CCP thought bringing Dr Who onboard for a couple of weeks may boost the new player numbers.
Let’s just hope their artwork is not predictive. I mean who is the dude with the scarf, some reimagined 3rd Doctor? And why portray the 13th Doctor wearing a suit and bow tie of the 11th Doctor?

It is all a bit confusing and I think I might have outed myself there. I can reveal that I have seen all the “missing episodes” broadcast in glorious black and white on a massive squareish 16″ not flat screen.

There are a lot of articles written that do the subject justice, unlike my waving of the fingers over the keyboard, and worth a read if you want to get a better understanding of what is happening.
Here are a few I enjoyed:

Rixx Javix
Elthar Nox

To finish off the first post of the year I thought I would reflect on 2021 and include some of the site stats.

Only 6 posts – I will endeavour to do more this year.
7272 views – 4288 Visitors
Most viewed post – Anomic Base – Angel Transport and Guardians – which is weird because it isn’t the hardest Base mission.
Most Referrers to blog – Total Eve 2.0
Search Terms – alpha clone isk abyssal
Downloads- Min-gal cosmos.pdf – more last year than the previous three indicating a rise in COSMOS interest.
Most visits – United States, UK and Germany in that order and ٱلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ to the viewer from Jordan.
Most clicked links – My Anomic YouTube video’s.

Fly Safe as Always,

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