By the middle of November my goal of killing 100 Mobile Tractor Units looked as if it was going to become a tedious drawn-out process. The once abundant hunting grounds had dried up. While there were plenty of MTU’s deployed they were always accompanied. So far in this journey I have avoided confrontation and focused on seeking out abandoned items.

I turned to zKillboard to find out where players were leaving their MTU’s behind. There isn’t all that much activity in High Sec space if you search the Mobile Tractor Group, but a couple of daily kills in the Ani constellation indicated it might be worth checking out. I relocated some assets and on the 20th the destruction began. 2 kills in the morning and two in the afternoon just to start the ball rolling. On the 8th December the 100th MTU fell.

Goal Achived

Depots are not a straightforward kill. They have a 2 day reinforcement cycle which gives the owner, and anyone else who might have found it, the chance to arrive when the cycle finishes. I have returned a few times to find a wreck or nothing at all because I was late to the party.

Where to from here?
While mapping out the next phase I noticed my Fed Navy Academy standing had dropped to -3 which denies me access to anything but their basic agents. I don’t remember how I managed to upset FNA. Searching through zKill only shows a handful items belonging to players of that rookie group. In the greater scheme of things the standing deficit isn’t a big deal, however it did provide a short term goal. I have begun a series of simple level 1 missions in an attempt to repair the damage done.

On another note my Resources based character was handed a bunch of SP to use due to the recent changes. Unfortunately he is Alpha so, unless I resub, I can look forward to more and more reminders that I have unallocated skill points.

10 million SP unallocated

Fly Safe as always,

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