Anomic Team

I have switched to the Polarized Rocket Garmur for all Anomic Team missions.
Level 5 skills, No skill hard-wiring Implants.
All Team missions can be done with this fit, swap rockets as necessary.
Old Missile fits are linked at the bottom of the page.

The gate to the mission is called an acceleration gate – no enemy type is displayed

Anomic Team Missions
Imperial Navy Vengeance and Inquisitor – Completed – 29 Aug 17
– ( My Vengeance Video ) – With Rocket Garmur – Caldari Navy Nova Rockets (189) for the Inquisitor’s and Caldari Navy Inferno (72) for the Vengeance.
Orbit 20km

Caldari Navy Hawk and Bantam – Completed – 05 May 17
-( My Hawk Bantam Video ) – With Rocket Garmur– Caldari Navy Mjolinir Rockets (180) for both.
Orbit 20km

Republic Fleet Jaguar and Burst – Completed – 17 Sep 17
-( My Jaguar Burst Video ) – With Rocket Garmur – Caldari Navy Mjolinir Rockets (138) for the Burst and Caldari Navy Scourge (60) for the Jaguar.
Orbit 25km recommend 26km now because “Combat 1386 from Burner Jaguar – Wrecks” at steady 25km orbit twice now.

Federation Navy Enyo and Navatas – Completed – 06 Aug 17
– (
My Enyo Navatas Video ) –
With Rocket Garmur – Caldari Navy Nova Rockets (240) for both.
Orbit 20km

Most fits on the forums concentrate on finishing the mission in the quickest possible time, hence the polarised rocket fits.
Kiting ECM missile fits require more time to complete as a jam is unlikely on the first cycle even with the modules overloaded.
You need to decide which fit you are comfortable with.

The Logistics ships are not armed.

Anomic Team specific issues:
1)   The dangerous part of a team mission is the approach. If you fire up your MWD immediately on landing and use ‘orbit’ you may head directly into the main burner’s web and warp disruption range.

2)   Ensure you have a stable orbit around the main burner before you do anything. To achieve this ensure you set your ‘keep at range’ and ‘orbit’ correctly before you activate the gate.

3)   Never go back into a Team mission that you have lost a ship in. They will be on the beacon at zero waiting. If you lose one remember to bookmark the wreck. Wrecks are not scannable.

4)   Make sure you have the right Electronic Counter Measures fitted! Using ECM is personal preference. I have listed duel and single ECM fits. Remember, even with L5 skills you still have a 1 in 4 chance of a jam against the logistics ships so it might take a while.

5)   If your skills are maxed you shouldn’t need ECM but it will take a long time to kill the first logistics ship. I have completed a mission I started with the wrong ECM by overloading the Target Painter and Launchers to kill the first Logi.

6) If you kill both Logistics ships, you can use standard missiles to finish off the primary burner.

Anomic Team Missions using Missile Garmur 
Imperial Navy Vengeance and Inquisitor 

Caldari Navy Hawk and Bantam

Republic Fleet Jaguar and Burst 

Federation Navy Enyo and Navatas