April Ends

Not much has happened this month.

Yadot hasn’t been very active and there has been a corresponding decline in the average MTU’s killed (4 at the time of writing and 377 in total). This is partly due to the formation of an Alt Corp and partly due to the lack of targets. I guess the Null Sec War has swallowed up a bunch of normally forgetful pilots, but it seems Goons are scaling back their effort so maybe the forgetful Mission Runners will be back?

I put together a two character Alt Corp to see how much Isk could be made from a very specialized transaction. So far so good as they have pulled in about 600 million in just over a month with very little effort and I really like the “very little effort” side of things. The Corp is branching out into new items, some of which I have never seen before and it keeps me logging in. Unfortunately there has been a lack of activity in the last week which has left me ship spinning so to pass the time I ran some Level 1 missions with the new Alt’s and found myself with access to Level 2 missions. I ran a few before I realized that my little Frigate wasn’t going to cut it and I needed to upgrade to a Destroyer. Eve Uni mission guides tell me I need a Cruiser, but I am sure there isn’t anything in the L2 menu that an Alpha can’t finish with a simple Destroyer. As the Alt is Caldari and had already spent some time training Hybrid guns I figured a Cormorant was the best fit.

Fast forward to me purchasing a ship and as soon as my Isk was spirited out of my wallet Aura pops up. Yes Aura from the tutorial.
Click Click whatever.. and some Paragon woman turns up and gives me a gift box and won’t leave me alone till I open it.
Brilliant, now I have two Destroyers, the Ship skill and a Plex.
Click Click Click…. Oh, now I get it. They want me to open the NES shop and purchase a skin with the Plex.
The marketing boys have gone all out on this one. The neural plasticity of virgin players is being manipulated to think that parting with real cash to bling your ship is normal. We won’t mention that the only time you can see the skin is when you are in station or zoomed right in and almost as pointless as choosing which boots to go with your equally invisible clothing. It seems that you can’t skip this skin purchasing phase and are locked in till completion. My Cormorant now has some horrid 1 Plex skin that allowed me to click past this madness and move on with the game. I was so rattled that when I went to fit my ship in Jita I managed to click buy all and bought myself another Cormorant. Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself.

Speaking of Alts, I normally add mine to a specific Book Mark list when they are created so that all my Alts have access to the same spots in space. It makes ‘in space’ item transfer simpler and doesn’t leave a trail in the finished contract lists. To do that I have to log into my main and add them to a special Access List. At last count there were 31 pilots on that list. I guess that will come in handy if I ever need to join a Null Sec corp and list all previous Alt’s. I can just see the recruiter yelling Spy !!!

I am still considering a weekend ‘fleet pack’ Omega subscription around the 6th May so that Yadot is monumentally immortalized. Sad to hear that Mother Nature removed a bunch of names from the old monument, but I guess that was to be expected given the location and method of inscription. I have things to do as an Omega character and this might be the perfect opportunity to get them done. I just need to figure out whether I can achieve it all in 3 days.

My graphics card failed and I am playing via onboard Intel graphics in potato mode – not very enjoyable. Good news is that I am within the warranty period, spoken to a technician and they are going to send me a new card. I had to convince the tech that I am not a complete boomer which was surprisingly easy. I just did everything he asked and under no circumstances did I say “I have already tried that” in a petulant pissed off whinny voice even if it was one of the first things I had tried. The tech had a script either on paper or in his head and interrupting that would set off the ‘Boomer Alert mode’ probably resulting in them requesting the whole machine and leaving me without a computer. The card was faulty, the replacement is at the shop and I will pick it up today.

And that rounds off April.

I will end with saying that the most recent Covid variant in our country has been named Arcturus ! No relation I hope?

Fly Safe all,


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