March Roundup

The month is at an end and I have achieved very little.

New Eden is at war again which can be a good thing for those involved in trade and manufacturing, although these days the vast majority of war requirements are supplied directly to the line members by the major alliances. Having said that there is always a few Isk to be made for those who managed to position themselves in the right place at the right time.

Last month I put very little effort into the contract side of things and eventually abandoned it completely.I sold my existing goods off to a third party and it seems I might be slightly blessed by that decision. The major “collector” in Eve may also be involved in the war and as such is spending less time monitoring contracts and snapping up those items deemed a threat. Some commodities that used to fly off the shelf have been languishing for several weeks.

Back in 2014 my character was immortalized in a granite monument erected in Reykjavik harbor. There was an app that gave a visual direction on where to find your name, unfortunately it has been down for a very long time – must be written in POS code or something. I guess if I ever get to Iceland I could hunt the name down, something I have been told is quite difficult even if you do know where to start.

This year for the 20th anniversary CCP have decided to produce a mosaic. The details on what that actually means are in short supply. When I first read the release I thought maybe they were going to do an actual mosaic – Roman Bath style, but the more I hear the more it seems there won’t be a hard version, just an electronic version similar to the exceptional works already produced by Chribba and Razorien.

My characters will not be immortalized for the 20th anniversary celebration. Seems they have replaced the Guardian’s Gala event with some Abyssal tasks that were bugged from the start and some Mining tasks as well. None of my accounts are subscribed and the chances of finishing the tasks are slim at best. I am not complaining, just not participating. Hopefully there will be more goodies available when the celebrations kick off.

I have run up a new Caldari and Gallente character and am enjoying the simple life of buzzing around the universe testing an Alpha character and its limitations. I think I am back to where I started running simple level 1 missions, just one or two and then leaving the game. I find it somewhat refreshing, simple and thoroughly enjoyable. It is the simple things in Eve that keep me coming back.

MTU hunting on my main is ongoing and I keep a trickle of space garbage out of New Eden’s skies when I can. I doubt I will make 400 by the end of the month, but should hit the target in April. I have also added a few Mobile Depots where possible. I don’t normally look at the individual behind the losses, but recently began to wonder about some of them. Zkillboard is slightly flawed in that it only shows losses that are either loaded or drawn from your account when you log in to their site. I think Corps and Alliances can allow the site to grab their stuff, not sure on that. What interests me though is when a player with a pure PvP background in Null Sec loses an MTU in a mission hub. More importantly what is his CEO, or anyone else with Director access is thinking. They can see your losses in the Corp control panel. I wonder how many characters have been outed by a loss when they are meant to be participating in a war.

Speaking of zKillboard, there is a problem with the price reporting. I mentioned it last month, but didn’t have a copy of the exact problem at the time. Here it is – Prices look wrong? That’s because they probably are! In November, 2022, a critical market API endpoint was disabled temporarily by CCP. It has yet to be re-enabled. The available market endpoints provide data that is not equivalent to what you might expect to see in the game and this reflects on killmail values.
If/when the endpoint comes back and I am able to populate proper price data, I will do a recalculation on ALL killmail prices from November, 2022 onward. – Squizz.

Just between you and me I doubt this will ever be rectified and still believe it has something to do with the Excel collaboration.

Before I go there is just one more thing – easiest way to save your MTU is scoop it before you leave.

Fly Safe,


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