GM Interaction and other news

Thank you GM KillerKoala !

A few weeks back I was in Friggi, flying an Alpha Gila and had spent a few hours farming a complex. I was after ‘Powdered Cubensis’. I make a bit of Isk on the side selling commodities on contract to pilots wanting to run the Minmatar Cosmos missions. I had successfully sold a few packages that contained almost everything required to ensure success. One thing that was always missing was Powdered Cebensis. Most pilots don’t bother with Mirmon Gorgoz because he is too far away. I decided to take on the challenge of providing everything.

After a reasonably successful day of warping in and out of the site, and squirreling away the commodity, I had a screen freeze and my ship wasn’t obeying commands. My heart sank because I had managed to aggro the room when the ‘connection lost’ box popped up. I knew that I had enough tank to survive if only I could get back in game and reduce the incoming damage. Every attempt to rejoin the game failed. When I finally did get back in I was in my pod looking at my wreck.

I have lost a few ships in the last 16 years, most of them in Abyssal space due to disconnects, after all Abyssal is a dangerous place and players accept that when they activate the filament. More often than not ship loss occurs because I do something dumb, but this time I was convinced it wasn’t my fault. The last time I raised a support ticket for something like this was 14 years ago with so nothing ventured nothing gained. Just between you and me, I had very little hope of being reimbursed.

To my surprise the decision was in my favor. My Gila and the destroyed modules were reimbursed and the initial insurance payout was deducted from my wallet. Unfortunately the ship was sent to my physical location at the time of the decision and not a hanger in Friggi. That quirk meant I had a Gila and a few modules in a hanger deep in Null Sec space and the remainder of the modules I looted from my wreck some 39 jumps away. Beggars can’t be choosers and I am happy with the result.

To other News:
I cashed in my 7 day Omega bonus for all three accounts and spent the next few days racing around talking to R&D agents and heading down to Null to reset my PI, which is why the Gila turned up there. Alpha Clone state allows you continue starting the PI extraction cycle based on your last settings, it doesn’t allow you to scan for resources or to use the launchpad function so once the pad is full everything grinds to a halt. Being Omega allowed me to launch materials to the Customs Office and get the extractors going again. I have PI on two of my accounts and took advantage of the Omega bonus.

I also flew my Nomad Jump Freighter for the first time in 6 years. The JF price has halved in the last few months and, while it is still eye watering, it is no longer in the realm of wiping out half my wallet if I managed to lose it. The other reason to risk a jump was my second account didn’t have a clone in it’s PI system so it seemed like an opportunity to get the JF down there and get the PI out. Harvesting both accounts of Tier 2 commodities almost fills a tanked JF. Last time I moved materials out I used PushX to negate the risk, but mostly because it saved me re-subbing an account to use just for a cyno. [This was before the 3 day Omega option became available, my guess is CCP are selling those like hot cakes.]

With a fully loaded freighter and no one in either system the cyno was lit. The jump was successful and I aligned to the High Sec exit gate. There was no one in system as I entered warp.

Sometimes I wish I was wearing a heart rate monitor because the minute the Nomad entered warp someone hopped into local. I was hurtling at 1.37 Au towards a hostile gate with no way of stopping and anyone who has flown a Freighter knows that coming out of warp at the gate, even if you are warping to zero, takes a huge amount of time. While Freighters can still use a gate if scrammed, unlike other Capital ships, it doesn’t stop a clever PvP crew from bumping a freighter coming out of warp. Lucky for me the unknown local was a Venture coming in to gobble up some Low Sec ore. Mission success and the biggest surprise was my cyno survived.

Hopped into the Fenrir and moved everything to the trade hub for sale. I had forgotten how slow freighter travel was and managed to draft this entire post in the 13 or so jumps. I have no idea how the professional haulers cope with the mind numbing boredom.

More news:
There have been a lot of changes with the uprising release. I used the option to jump between clones while still sitting in a ship. It is a simple improvement that takes the hassle out of disembarking and waiting out timers. It wasn’t difficult before, but streamlines play a little. Are we in a pod or a clone? Since the demise of WIS we have never left our pod although pictures of our true bodies are available.

The other thing I noticed was if you hover over the clone symbol in your clone list it gives you an estimated replacement cost. Nice to know before you commit to jumping into that Billion Isk clone.

Hover and be amazed

The clone symbols change color, notice above how some have the face in sharper contrast than others – Anyone know why? I think it may be linked to ‘recent use’ as I took this screen shot not long after exiting my Wolf clone. I haven’t been in my Abyssal clone since the changes to filament use in High Sec space just in case any evil ganky people are wondering. I haven’t been in the Mining clones for almost 10 years.

One change I am not all that happy about is the inability to open your drone bay from the old active ship inventory window. The new Photon UI window didn’t seem to include the drone bay. This shouldn’t be an issue, but I was doing the Burner mission – Angel Transport and Guardians – and spent far too long trying to figure out why I couldn’t load drones from my cargo via a Mobile Depot. You can’t just drag them into the Drone window. Once again I should have been fitted with a Pulse Rate monitor because I was very close to losing a Vigilant. During the mission I ended up opening a separate drone window by right clicking on the ship. After the mission I found the tick box to show a sidebar which should open the drone bay window in the active ship window. Sometimes I think Eve has way too many options to do the same thing.

Another little visual device that made me smile was coloring the system security in personal and corp items.

4 Low Sec assets are old cyno frigates. I really should trash them.

I also had a look at the Twitch Launch of Spanish Localization. CCP Bee was live streaming in Jita. I saw the notification in game and thought I would check it out. Seems like he was having a blast, even though there were some caption issues to start which had me in stitches. Small things amuse small minds and all that.

At this rate I may actually re-sub, but more on Alpha vs Omega next month.

Fly Safe as always,


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