Anomic Agent Blood Raider Cruor Video Update

Finally got around to finishing the Blood Raider Burner mission and just in the nick of time, I went accidently Alpha yesterday and while it was a ton of fun being Omega I am not in a hurry to re-sub.

The Bloor Raider Burner mission suffered when CCP decided that Armor Resists needed tweaking. That was a long time ago and I decided back then to decline the mission when offeered. Having seen a few videos over the last couple of years showing the Wolf as a viable ship again I thought I would test the fits out on Singularity and see what happened.

The Blood Raider Cruor is an nasty little nosferatu draining ship that depletes cap quickly. To defeat it I needed to maintain cap and do enough damage to overcome its armor tank while protecting my armor tank. I finally settled on a Wolf fit that worked and have run it consistently on the live server.

There is a Cap Stable version using a Censer Medium Cap battery but I didn’t have one spare. I have tested the cap stable version on the test server and it seemed to work. The ‘Censer’ Medium Cap battery is about 180 million Isk at Jita currently which doubles the cost of the Wolf. The other option is a Nergal.

You can view the new video over on my YouTube channel.


Image from Chruker’s Eve Online