Jump Clone Activation Fee

The 2022-08-09.1 patch changed the way jump clones work in NPC stations. The change brought about the ability to jump between clones in the same station without a cooldown timer. That timer, for some, exceeded nineteen hours. Most pilots worked around this using Citadels which didn’t punish the jumper with a cooldown penalty.

For those of us who don’t have clones in Citadels this patch was a game changer. I no longer have to fret about making the right clone choice. I am no longer stuck in a specialist clone for the day. With my newfound freedom, I have jumped back and forth like a madman, picking clones suited to the task at hand then shedding them for something more useful.

It costs 900,000 ISK per jump, small change really until you add it up. Over the last 30 days I have spent 27 million on clone swaps.

When I first read the patch notes I wondered what the change would do to the MER Sinks and Faucets information. A quick look at June and July indicate jump clone activation at around 55 Billion ISK which is around 61,111 jumps for each month. The tally is reasonably steady each month.

August shows the figure at 95.8 Billion which is up on the preceding months by 40 billion or roughly 44,000 extra jumps. This brings the August total to around 106,444 clone jumps in total.

106,444 jumps

Roll on the September MER and all I can say is that the numbers indicate jump madness rocking in with 127.6 Billion or around 141,000 jumps. An increase of around 40,000 jumps on last month.

141,000 jumps

So by my very rough napkin math it looks like a 130% increase in the amount of jumps since July and I believe it shows that some of us are still playing the game regardless of what the pundits over at Reddit think, unless of course the Bots are clone jumping just for the fun of it?

Happy Jumping,

The MER for October saw a slowdown in activity – JCAF only rose to 135.5B


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