Thanks PushX

Finally moved the bulk of my outdated capital modules to Dodixie for onforwarding to Jita and eventual sale. This was one of those Eve tasks that has sat in the ToDo list for way too long – around 8 years.
T1 cap modules tend to have a volume of one or two thousand meters cubed which means moving them in anything other than a Hauler isn’t possible and getting them to Jita and through some of the most “ganked” space in Eve was going to prove a challenge.

Size wasn’t the only issue, the Evepraisal valuation put the stuff at around 1.2 Billion Isk which is over double the amount needed to trigger a gank – I will qualify that statement quickly by saying that there is always a possibility that an empty freighter will be killed because no other targets are available and the people involved are bored. Eve is like that and there are no hard and fast rules.

While there are tricks and tips to getting up the pipe to Jita, they normally involve 2 accounts for the web sling trick, using the MWD Cloak trick or multiple alts on gate. I didn’t have the skill, accounts or ability to try those so opted for the less risky option which is get someone else to do it.

Here is where PushX comes in.

I wanted to move less than 62,500m3, 15 jumps from Dodixie to Jita with a collateral figure of 1.2B. Someone was willing to make the run for 15 million Isk.

I had to check the Quote and make sure I hadn’t missed a zero somewhere. I was a bit stunned. For those of you that don’t quite get it, someone was willing to move my stuff for a reward of 15mill and if they got killed and lost the cargo I would get 1.2B to cover the cost of the goods. They on the other hand would lose 1.2B + whatever their ship cost.

I raised the contract and the next day I got an evemail informing me that my stuff was in Jita 4-4 and thanking me for using their service. I rushed up to Jita and dumped everything on the market and watched my wallet balance climbing – a nice little windfall.

A few years ago I wouldn’t have done it this way. I would have fired up a secondary webbing and scouting account and spent days looking for patterns around the Uedama gate before finally moving out. The reason I didn’t do that was Croda’s Markets For Isk Blog which highlighted the successful use of third party couriers.

Paying someone else to take the risk is a good option.
So thanks to PushX for their prompt and highly competitive service.

Fly Safe as Always,


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