Six MTU’s in twelve minutes

Before I get to the main theme of this story I wanted to give a quick shout out to Ony Chomys who waved in local the other day. He reads this blog occasionally. I have had others wave, but it is doesn’t happen often so when it does it reminds me that Eve is about the people and not the game.

Been quite a while since I have posted anything and that isn’t because I have been away, far from it, I have been logging in and spending several hours a day and I can thank (or hate) an Omega subscription for that. I resubbed to unlock the skills I needed to scan down a Magpie Mobile Tractor Unit and as it was I didn’t need to, I just needed to have a better understanding of the scan system. Once the task was done it left me trying to figure out what to do with the rest of the month as an Omega and how best to use all the wonderful things it unlocked.

I had forgotten how much stuff is available with an Omega account. Ships, Skills, Modules, Industry, Agents and the ability to use them. The game just got better on so many levels and I was like a kid in a candy shop dying to try them all and finding there weren’t enough hours in the day. And then CCP added the ability to jump between clones in NPC stations without the obligatory cool down timer – I was in heaven. Finally I could round up all my stray High Sec clones and have them adequately labeled and docked in my home system. It also meant I could afford to have several specialist clones to suit the roles I needed and be able to jump in and out of them at leisure.

Plenty of hurf burf about the game dying and while some of it may be justified I am finding the opposite. I do a lot of work with an Alt in a Rookie Corp and their chat channels are full of new and returning players. Space that I frequent is full of people most of which are not Bot’s. While the concurrent player numbers are at the same level they were when I joined there seems to be plenty of activity where I roam. As one wise soul said “If no one is playing anymore why are their always 5 guys camping my low sec entry gate?” I will probably be here when the server shuts down and when it does I will fondly remember my time in Eve while reading how the clever people predicted the end. All a bit pointless really.

Finally figured out a way to have a Corporation Hanger in Jita without paying outrageous Office costs. If I get my non Corp Alt to accept a Corp Courier contract and deliver it to Jita it gets deposited in the Corp Deliveries hanger. From there I can put the items on contract. The only drawbacks are that you can’t split stacks. The positive is that I can access the Corp Deliveries from anywhere in New Eden and put items on Contract. I don’t need to be anywhere near Jita which makes it all worthwhile.

So back to the title of this post and the MTU’s. I was transiting Lustrevik in the Heimatar Region. It is a known mission hub with several level 4 Security agents and popular with mission runners. Each time I jumped in there were six MTU’s on D-scan. This in itself is reasonably uncommon and when I narrowed down the scan it looked like they were clumped in groups of three. They kept appearing on scan while I transited back and forth for over an hour so I undocked my trusty MTU hunter/killer and entered system.

Probe Scanning took a minute to confirm that the MTU’s were mission clustered and possibly laid out in consecutive rooms. I bookmarked them all and went in for a look. Local was busy, but the first owner wasn’t in System so I engaged the MTU attracting the usual suspect flags. I keep an eye on D-Scan and local looking for Ships, Probes and the MTU owner as the first one goes down. A short warp to the next one and executed the same process finally taking out the third MTU. At this stage I would normally dock up and let the timers cool down, but I felt confident enough to warp to the next set of MTU’s.

The owner of the second set was in system, I identified and listed him as a contact and he disappeared from local. Did he log or was he in the next system? If he was in the next system I knew I would have enough time to kill the first MTU before before he returned. As it was I killed all three which surprised me as he would have known that something was up when the first Kill mail pinged on his screen. Needless to say when the owner reappeared he wasn’t at all pleased – [ 2022.08.30 22:20:30 ] Galen Fuchien > your really gonna steal my loot bitch come fight pussy
Tempting as it might seem to accept his offer I decided not to. I really am a weak bitch, or pussy or maybe even bitch pussy, who prefers to kill unarmed deployable items rather than submit to some kind off bullshit space bushido. Given his employment history I would have expected, at the very least, an attempt to catch me in the act as soon as the first kill notification flashed instead of some weird local threat. I didn’t steal all the loot, well not all of it anyway, just the expensive bits. The real objective was the MTU.

I add MTU owners to my contact list so they stand out in local, but it was a bit of a surprise to see that he added me as a contact. Concord, bless them, will send you an Eve mail when someone adds you as a contact if you have them at the same rating. I had Galen as Terrible so he would stand out in local, he had me as terrible because he was upset. Since the ratings were the same, Concord advised me of our new bromance. Then again he might have accidently ticked the “advise buddy of contact box” to show me he was going to kill me?

What about the other guy? Not a peep.
Either Brox is Galen’s Alt or he just understands that there is no point in crying, just move on and accept the loss.

Anyway it isn’t personal, I too would have been annoyed having joined a new Corp less than 14 days earlier. My guess is their internal communication would have been ribbing him mercilessly, or maybe not…

Remember to scoop your MTU’s
Fly Safe as Always,

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