COSMOS NPC Spawns are back Baby – almost

Hi, been a while since I have posted anything, but I have been playing a lot of Eve recently. I re-subbed for another 3 months and I am having a blast, but more on that later. There is important news afoot.

Two years ago a simple patch (18.05) broke several Cosmos missions, I wrote and article about the missing NPC spawns and the ramifications for COSMOS mission runners. Since then I have participated in a few online conversations, one where I mistook Brisc_Rubal’s attempt at levity for derision and ended up apologizing. The upshot was that CCP had been informed by the CSM on several occasions and the issue was on the to-do list.

Totally by accident I stumbled across this post by CCP Kestrel in the Eve online forums, the very same conversation I had provided information to previously. It seems that persistence pays off, not mine of course, but the many pilots affected who raised the issue and those of the CSM who continued to make sure it was on the agenda.

The changes have been verified on Singularity, the belt rats are back and the price of those “special” items is about to plummet. Maybe I should have contracted those finger bones last month 🙂

Fly Safe as always,

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