Magpie in HighSec

Been away for a while, my old computer finally decided that after a zillion hot and cold cycles it had finally had enough, threw a 12V surge which the BIOS detected and shut the whole thing down. At first I thought it might be the power supply so I dropped into the local guy and bought a new one. That didn’t fix it and since the over voltage was intermittent I figured it was time for a new machine.

I downloaded and installed a new copy of Eve from scratch, around 10GB, and started it up to find a beautiful universe. Graphics settings maxed out are really something worth seeing especially if you have been playing in potato mode for a long time.

Truly amazing.

While I was looking at my accounts I realized that Yadot had missed his 16th birthday – I had it written down as 2006/04/07 thinking it was the 4th of July when in fact it is the 7th of April. Happy birthday to me a couple of months ago.

Anyway, back to playing the game and the elusive Magpie.

I was wandering around in awe of the visual universe picking up Tourists from Corporation Deliveries (long story for another day) when I spotted a Mobile Tractor on scan.


My heart started racing, I kid you not. A Magpie in HighSec. I have never seen one and only know of a few people who have. I was in my standard Gnosis MTU hunter with a T1 expanded launcher and T1 Combat probes. I knew it was a big ask, but since I had managed to scan a few “Packrats” in the past I figured I had a chance. Unfortunately 78% was about as good as I was going to get.


I was determined to do what it took to get this MTU and so started the spiral of total madness that embodies all that is good about Eve. The following is Eve in a nutshell and might explain why I have been playing it for 16 years and 2 months.

First thing I needed to do was get a better ship. I was 8 jumps from my Corporate home and 13 jumps from the closest trade hub. There was a Minmatar Probe close by on market so I headed off and spent 1/2 a mill flew back, fitted the bog standard launcher and probes and tried again. I was hoping the Probe’s hull bonus to scanning might help – it didn’t.

Next stop was the regional trade hub for some Sisters Combat Probes and an Expanded launcher (no idea where mine are and didn’t have time to look). I grabbed a few small gravity capacitor upgrades and fitted them. I was confident this time that I had the gear. Thirteen jumps back to system, the MTU was still there and local was empty. I had a DED Scan booster II in my rewards list that was going to expire in a few days so I used that as well. I was pretty sure the Boosters 8% combined with the Frigates 7.5% and the Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrades and Sisters Launcher bonuses would get me across the line – it didn’t.

At this stage I had burnt a few hours getting nowhere. I flew back to my Corporate home and picked up an Astero after reading Pix Severus’ blog and fitted the Sisters Launcher a new Small Gravity Capacitor upgrade and plugged in an AP-602 and an AR-602 to give me an added 2% scan deviation and strength. Flew the 8 jumps back and there was a Hecate in system with combat probes out. This was becoming a race and a deadly one at that. It is easy to find a ship and the chances were that if I found the MTU I wouldn’t be able to kill it before the Hecate found me. With a criminal timer I would lose not only my ship but the MTU as well. I planned to wait out the Hecate and was confident that the Astero’s 37.5% scanning bonus would see me across the line – it didn’t.

I just couldn’t let this go. I had a Nestor in the hanger and the daily downtime was an hour away, the warning just popped up. I had half hour on the Booster so flew back to get the Nestor, crapfitted it and did the 8 jumps back to the target system. This time I had the hull bonus of 50% and I had plugged in an AP-606 to give me 6% increase in scan strength. It just had to work – it didn’t.


I resubbed – yes I pulled the trigger on a months subscription to unlock my scanning skills, all at level 5. Eight minutes of booster and 15 minutes of game time left before DT. The only thing missing were Large rigs on the Nestor, but seriously I had so much scan strength I could see what people were doing in the next system and yet, yes you guessed right – it didn’t work.

When downtime finally rolled around I gave up disappointed and dismayed. I had been hunting this MTU for more than 3 hours and had nothing to show for it but a rapidly receding bank balance. The only good thing to come out of this was remembering to activate my training queue before DT came. Maybe a new day would bring more luck?

Day 2
Downtime signals the end of my game time so I didn’t log in for another 8 hours, caught some sleep and hoped that the server reset might have shaken things up a bit. When I logged back in the MTU was still there, Bob liked me. Unfortunately DT, and my own personal recharge, did nothing to change the situation. The MTU continued to resist my attempts to find it. I turned to the only Oracle I knew and joined Pix’s MTU Hunter chat channel (listed on his Bio). Luckily for me someone was home.
Here is the chat with Coma Doof Warrior, or Doof for short 🙂

  • Yadot > Hey, have a Magpie in High Sec. I am in a Nestor with Sisters Gear and still can’t get past 97% – Any ideas?
  • Coma Doof Warrior > yeah
  • Coma Doof Warrior > gimme a minute
  • Coma Doof Warrior > you’re gonna need a covert ops or like t3c
  • Coma Doof Warrior > you can do it without implants
  • Yadot > t3c?
  • Yadot > Loki
  • Coma Doof Warrior > yeah
  • Coma Doof Warrior > what system?
  • Coma Doof Warrior > and are you closing in the probes after you’re at .5 au
  • Yadot > Closing in? lol I am such a noob
  • Coma Doof Warrior > haha
  • Yadot > System is Evettullur in metro, you are welcome to it if you want, I just want to get on the KM
  • Yadot > agh, ctrl drg the probes together.
  • Coma Doof Warrior > i can head that way if you need a warp in
  • Yadot > I am going to put you in my blog – f’ing brilliant, I found it with the drag method – Kill: Gazu09 (‘Magpie’ Mobile Tractor Unit)
  • Coma Doof Warrior > ahh verry nice
  • Coma Doof Warrior > i was gonna fly across the galaxy to get in on a magpie lol
  • Yadot > Oh shit sorry, I shoul;d have waited but I have been trying to get this for 7 hrs and even subbed again to fly the nestor
  • Coma Doof Warrior > nah, get it while you can lol
  • Coma Doof Warrior > you don’t need omega for the nestor
  • Yadot > Really appreciate your help. thanks
  • Coma Doof Warrior > anytime buddy, i’m just here to keep nasty space trash out of nature and make the noctis great again
  • Yadot > Yea, but I needed it to access all my L5 scan skills 🙂
  • Yadot > I haven’t been subbed in 5 years lol
  • Coma Doof Warrior > ahh fair enough. i got those on back order lol
  • Coma Doof Warrior > i was curious considering you were such an old toon
  • Yadot > 16 years 2 months and have forgotten more about eve than I remember
F1 might make this go faster

That about sums it up. I had no idea that you could drag probes to narrow down the final lock. I was so excited I just barged in and killed it, no scan, didn’t check the owner just unleashed the drones took a screen shot and pressed F1 when I realized my guns were off which goes a long way to explain why I don’t PvP very often 🙂

Mission Accomplished.

Eve does this to me every time. I get bored and then suddenly something makes me spiral into total and reckless absurdity. I spent about 4 and a half hours in game, 40 million Isk and $19.95 USD to track down, hunt and kill an MTU that was abandoned. The Killmail isn’t all that spectacular, no magical loot, but that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that I got it.

And the lesson?
It doesn’t matter how long you have been playing there is always something to learn and that’s what makes Eve special.

Special Thanks to Doof for the key to success,

Fly Safe as Always,

Late Edit:
May 2022 saw the destruction of 37 Magpie Units. Seventeen of those were in High Security Space, almost 50%. Just because I haven’t seen them doesn’t mean they are not there – go get some….

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  1. I’ve been away from EVE for a while so I’ve only just read this post. I’m happy that my blog and chat channel proved useful to you! Congrats on the fine Magpie kill, Yadot.


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