20 May saw the destruction of my 200th Mobile Tractor Unit. The first hundred took almost a year to accumulate, the last hundred took just over 5 months and the final two were a bonus double hit in the Uttindar system of Metropolis.

Approximate value of destruction was 976 million which is up by over 500 million Isk on the previous hundred. The main reason for this was increased activity and the Guardians Gala in February. During that event a surprising number of pilots managed to lose their ships and have them sucked into their own MTU increasing the value of the kill. There has also been a few loot faerie wins like the True Sansha Heavy Capacitor Booster in with a bunch of mission loot.

I don’t hassle mission runners, having been one in a previous life. For me MTU killing isn’t about the PvP aspect of the kill, it isn’t about using a game mechanic to lure an unsuspecting pilot into a fatal error. The MTU’s I target are abandoned because I really am crap at PvP. All but 1 of my 200 kills were done without the owner in system, but sometimes it isn’t the owner I have to worry about.

The recent Packrat Mobile Tractor Unit was fun. There were a two mission running ships in the system and three MTU’s on scan. Local didn’t have any of my “known” MTU hunters listed so I probed down the Packrat and warped in for the kill. I noticed the first combat scan probe just as the MTU went under 50% hull so I aligned to a safe and waited. Sure enough 6 probes appeared within 5Au. The MTU only had 10% Hull left so I decided to stay which turned out to be the right choice. The MTU popped without anyone dropping in. I warped to a safe to let the Weapons timer run down and then headed to station. I have no idea who was hunting me but Bob was on my side.

Speaking of Bob, I know without a doubt that he will let me down one day, but for the time being I am still having fun killing MTU’s.

Fly Safe as Always,
And scoop your MTU 🙂


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