Unexpected Prize

Firstly a big shout out and thank you to Greybill. I made a comment on his site about Sutonia’s appointment to Dev status and was rewarded with a Kestrel Scope Syndication YC122 Skin. To win the skin Greybill asked “what was your favorite T1 frigate and why is it the Kestrel?”. The prize skins were sponsored by Jezaja’s Giant Secure Container.

My favorite T1 Frigate is the Rifter, always has been, so I posted about the coincidence of Sutonia’s appointment and the proximity of April Fools Day which didn’t answer the question. Imagine my surprise when I spotted the evemail offering a code to redeem the skin. I nearly missed it. I only realised the notification had arrived when I spotted “1 unread evemail” on the log in screen. I am currently managing three accounts (all Alpha) so I tend to jump straight into the character I need without looking at the screen. Playing solo means I don’t get a lot of mail.

The redemption and gift system interested me. To find out more I ventured down the rabbit hole of Eve’s support website where Gifting Game Time and other Store Items covered off on everything I needed to know. The page is up to date and well constructed which again was another surprise. I don’t remember support pages being as informative, or useful, so it seems work has been done in that area. Once again Eve improves itself and half of us miss it – well me anyway.

Greybill if you want the skin back just let me know. I don’t own a Kestrel so it will sit in the hanger gathering dust. My post was tongue in cheek and I feel that I don’t really deserve it. One of the winners has dropped theirs on the contract market for half a bill, but selling it wouldn’t suit my style.
Maybe I should give it away? suggestions welcome in the comments 🙂

Looks nice

Fly Safe as Always,

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