Literally unplayable

Mentioned a while ago that I created a character to run the New Player Experience. The whole episode left me a bit confused although it is highly possible that my existing knowledge of the game tainted the experience. CCP have said it is a work in progress so I might have to revisit it at some stage. I wanted to use that NPE test character slot for another project so went about tidying up, contracting items and transferring Isk. The Character was in the starter system and something caught my eye. Every single player in that system had the same portrait photo. All the portraits were front on head and shoulders shots – passport photos.

The new portrait

Choice is a wonderful thing and the ability to customise makes for some interesting outcomes. Every single one of my active accounts has a portrait photo with just the top of the head and an ear showing. Creating that consistency with my alts will no longer be possible.

Ear Ear

I travelled through a few systems to see what impact this had. Gone are the days of bright and colourful characters with interesting portraits. The forced change fails to grasp the idea that someone who took the time to make a portrait that drew attention was immersing themselves in the game and by extension immersing anyone who happened to click on their character to find out more. A simple process that lends itself to the rich tapestry of Eve.

Say goodbye to creativity

I wonder what brought about the change?
Slightly tongue in cheek as always,
Fly Safe,

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