New Dawn New Day New Life

I would like to say that the coming changes will have no effect on the way I play Eve, but I know that is not true. Every change within the game has an impact in some way, shape or form and nothing is immune. It is the nature of the game. How those changes trickle down and impact the way I play is yet to be seen. The recent Jita protests seem to be the result of CCP’s inability to communicate their vision and players dislike of change. It will be interesting to see if CCP forge ahead and ignore the player base. At the end of the day the only way to win Eve is to Biomass all accounts and walk away (something I am not planning on doing anytime soon).

Eve makes me log in. It drags me back when I least expect it and forces me to sit in front of the screen mindlessly completing that task or chasing another goal. I have a vague understanding of why that happens, it is like a security blanket or a familiar place providing a level of mindless comfort the soul craves. The real life time I have invested adds a whole level of complexity and reinforces the need to play. I have been playing Eve for fifteen plus years and just like a nice calming blanket it is difficult to walk away. My Eve doesn’t rely on a particular ship or resource. I haven’t designed my play around any specific facet of the game. I try something and move on, returning occasionally to revisit if the mood takes me. If I had spent all my time, effort and money on one play style and found that CCP were changing that in a negative way, I would be angry too.

My goal of killing a hundred Mobile Tractor Units is fleeting at best. During the war there was an abundance of targets and now there are just a sprinkling. Players deploying them are remembering to retrieve them. Less haste less waste. I am also seeing a lot of salvage boats paired with the mission ships. Pilots are clawing everything they can from a mission rather than completing and moving on. I can only hazard a guess that the “Delve War” being effectively over means high sec alts have more time on their hands?

To keep myself amused, during the age of MTU scarcity, I have been running High Sec Cosmic Signatures. These have been very lucrative offering up several Faction and Deadspace modules as well as a Daredevil BPC. Unfortunately the more I do the less I am rewarded. The best loot always seems to drop the first time a site is run and Escalations are hit and miss. High Sec Anomalies, data and relic sites, are dropping Sleeper components and standard items used in manufacture. Either the loot tables have changed or I missed the patch notes as I don’t remember those items dropping before. I also found a Ghost site (Covert Research Facility), something I haven’t run in a long time. As it was I didn’t have a suitable hull and had to run it in a Rookie ship. Cracked the first can and fled with my loot.

I returned to Abyssal space to try out the Community listed Caracal provided by the Abyssal Lurkers ingame chat channel. I ran a Tier 1 filament and lost the ship in the last room to a Strikegrip Tessera Battlecrusier. My fault entirely, not the fit, I let it get too close while the RLML’s were reloading. The fit has promise and I will use it again when I get another hull.

Spending more time logged in brings a new awareness of the universe. I don’t know when they introduced a warning that you were about to warp without your drones, but it is a welcome change. Over the years I have left hundreds drones in the cold depths of space. The Engine Noise addition is good, but having the same noise for a Corvette and a Battleship is a bit odd. My home station was highlighted on the overview with a blue tag which I thought was a nice touch and lastly I ran the NPE and felt it missed the mark leaving me confused instead of wanting to play more. I wonder if that is because I know the game?

Minmatar COSMOS is still broken. I checked my bug reports and they were closed out without comment. Even a simple “Yes we know” would have been nice.
The Cyber belt rats in the Ani Constellation no longer spawn and as a result Portable Power Generators and Finger Bones don’t drop. That means two of the agents are effectively broken. Interestingly the other items required by those agents are now practically worthless and the complexes where they used to be farmed are quiet. I wonder how hard it would be to reintroduce the items via Cosmic Signatures as a drop?

Plenty of questions and maybe that is what keeps me coming back.

Fly Safe as always,

5 thoughts on “New Dawn New Day New Life

  1. Nicely written old friend. I have been EvE free for a few years now, I don’t know that I’ll be back anytime soon. I did feel a bit of a draw reading your blog (“only” 12 years but even so), I think I have too many other interests to be able to return now 🙂

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  2. By the way, i check some problems in abyssals Dark 0. Currently making more money when doing skilling spree, using a simple talwar fit, in level 0 tranquil tier. Can do ALL the filaments level zero but is better sell the expensive filaments. Yes, empty a medium to be cap stable.

    [Talwar, *Simulated Talwar Fitting]
    Mark I Compact Capacitor Power Relay
    Ballistic Control System I
    Ballistic Control System I

    Small Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery
    [Empty Med slot]
    5MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive

    TE-2100 Ample Light Missile Launcher
    TE-2100 Ample Light Missile Launcher
    TE-2100 Ample Light Missile Launcher
    TE-2100 Ample Light Missile Launcher
    TE-2100 Ample Light Missile Launcher
    TE-2100 Ample Light Missile Launcher
    TE-2100 Ample Light Missile Launcher

    Small Processor Overclocking Unit I
    Small Processor Overclocking Unit I

    Nova Light Missile x1285

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  3. Hey Yad… I too have dropped out of EVE, but for me, it is permanent. I play Star Citizen now (yes I drank to coolaid and OMG is it good!!) and only Star Citizen because… IMHO and with a year’s dedicated experience ingame under my belt… Because it is just that good a game, even in Alpha, it has EVE beat hands down.

    Just one old 10 year EVE veteran’s opinion.

    I have logged on to EVE twice in the last year… only to end up just “cleaning” my Orca and loggin’ off.
    EVE lost it’s charm for me when I found how far CIG had developed their First Person Gameplay. CCP was going to do this, they had called it, “Walking-In-Stations”… and now I actually walk in and all around, take off from and land and fly all around very detailed Space Stations EVERY SINGLE DAY…

    CCP really blew it when they caved to the playerbase back after the Incarna Riots.
    While I do miss my old EVE friends, they had all moved on from EVE years before I did.


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    • As for “Old Friends” all my chat channels are empty. When I go on a nostalgic search, I find most have been inactive for several years. There are several development stages where CCP dropped the ball. The first quarter stats next year will be interesting.
      As for SC – I have been promising myself to have a look so maybe I will.


      • Well, I and ALL current SC players will tell you this right upfront… be aware that SC is most definitely still in Alpha. It is still being built and as such it can be buggy and laggy and prone to a lot of growing pains…

        But… CR & CIG are building a game Seriously Like No Other… “A Millimeter Scale Virtuality that is Light Years in Scope.” I strongly recommend you take the time to watch some SC youtuber’s and twitch streamers to get a feel for the game and what to expect.

        Contact me ingame… I can let you use any of my ships and I’ll be glad to give you tips and pointers and such.



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