Jannegiers Estacan

Region: Sing Laison
System: Audaerne
Site: Natura Seminary
Corp: University of Caille
Required Gallente Faction Standing: 0

Reward for mission 3:
1 x ‘Beatnik’ small remote armor repairer BPC 3 run + Faction standing

Jannegiers Estacan is a Gallente Cosmos Agent residing at the Natura Seminary in Audaerne. He offers four missions under the title ‘Activist Fuel’.

Mission 1
Acquire 100 units of Fertilizer (150m3) and deliver it to your Agent.

Available on regional markets.

Mission 2
Courier 160 units of Wheat (184m3) from the Agent to Parchanier V – Egonics Inc. Development Studio.

Four jump round trip. Wheat is available on the market.

Mission 3
Courier 180 units of Hydrogen Batteries (180m3) from Augnais VIII – 14 – Pend Insurance Depository to the Agent.

Two jump return, available on the market.

Mission 4
Courier 125 units of Small Arms (250m3) from the Agent to Deltole III – 1 – Core Complexion Inc. Warehouse.

Two jumps, available on market. Final reward delivered at Deltole when you complete the mission remotely from the station.