Pattok Nurtul

Region: Sing Laison
System: Augnais
Site: Nickle & Dime Store
Corp: Trust Partners
Required Thukker Faction Standing: 0

Before talking to this agent make sure you have access to ‘5 x Stolen Goods’.

Reward for mission 2:
1 x ‘Beatnik’ Remote Sensor Booster BPC 3 run
Reward for mission 3:
1000rnds Federation Navy Tungsten S
Time Bonus (7days, 16 hours)
1 x Trust Partners Business Card – for next agent

Pattok Nurtul is a Thukker Tribe COSMOS agent residing at the Nickle & Dime store in Augnais. He offers three missions under the title ‘Concerned Citizen’.

Concerned Citizens
Mission 1 – Store Credit
Courier 10 x Store Goods (800m3) from the agent to Audaerne X – 3 Poteque Pharmaceuticals Biotech Production.

1 jump, items not available on the market.

Mission 2 – Lost Stash
Acquire 5 x Stolen Goods (400m3) from the first room of the Contested Gallente Skeleton Comet.

This Cosmos site is farmed heavily. The first room contains Serpentis Cruisers and Frigates and can be done by an Alpha Clone Cruiser or BC. Stolen goods are dropped by Serpentis Junkie’s which spawn regularly at the back of the comet.
While you are there you might as well grab ‘Spoiled Drugs’ from the Scorched containers because they are needed for the next Thukker agent Iliere Angetyn.

Mission 3 – Run Boy, Run
Courier 15 x Shady Goods (1,200m3) from the agent to Bei VII – 3 Extension Retail Center.

Simple 3 jump Courier run completed remotely. The reward for completion within 7 days is a Trust Partners Business Card which is needed to access the next agent Iliere Angetyn. Without the card you cannot speak to that agent.

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