dont even know what MTU is

Last week I spent some time around Pator, without a lot of success, then headed off to Emolgranlan to try my luck. I found an abandoned MTU belonging to ‘Petrona Kinsley‘ and promptly removed it adding 10 million to the growing list.

Petrona‘ is an interesting character. She started losing MTU’s in February 2019 and continues to provide content for hunters. As of writing this she has lost 257 MTU’s at a cost of 2.23 billion Isk with most of them containing Ice products. Very forgetful or a Bot?

I logged back in that afternoon and found another unit on scan, this time belonging to ‘Richtous2‘. He was mining in a Covetor and over 20k’s from his MTU. I locked, aligned and engaged. His mining drones continued their cycle like nothing was happening. The unit ‘popped‘ and I left the scene.

Richtous2 > wtf
Richtous2 > Yadot whyd you do that?
Yadot > Kill is a kill – you were 20 k away and never pulled drones.
Richtous2 > nope, had just got back from the bathroom
Yadot > Scoop MTU – warp to station – go to bathroom… simples
Richtous2 > dont even know what MTU is.

A new player fallen victim to lack of knowledge. I considered my options and drafted an evemail only to find that when I logged back in there was a bounty on my head.

Bounties are pointless – ‘Pix Severus‘ discussed them in his blog recently. Great idea, poorly implemented and easily gamed.

As there is a Richtous2 it would follow that somewhere in Eve you would find a Richtous. The original was a 2003 character dormant since 2012. The second Richtous might have been feigning “noobness” in a hope that I would compensate him. If that is the case then congratulations are in order. I sent him an evemail explaining that the Bounty system was pointless and his time would be better spent learning about Mobile Tractor Units and the Criminal flagging systems.

On another slightly more amusing note – Dr8 Orbit names his MTU.

Scoop your MTU and Fly Safe,


5 thoughts on “dont even know what MTU is

  1. Petrona’s habits are extremely similar to another character I am quite familiar with, check out his killboard here:

    It could be botting, but either way it is definitely AFKing of one or more accounts involved here. Be wary of the chap I mentioned above though, he is an alt of someone, or some people, who enjoy the occasional bait.


    • Actually, a better theory is that these characters are created solely for putting down MTUs. For people who AFK mine all day, the cost of a few MTUs is probably negligible, but you could imagine they might get a bit annoyed that their killboards get filled with red marks each time they inevitably lose one. Using an out-of-corp alt to take the loss for them would seem like a good idea to keep their killboards pristine.

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