CCP abandon Minmatar COSMOS

It looks like two of the Minmatar COSMOS agents have been abandoned by CCP. You may have read my post, back in June, regarding the missing Cyber Angel’s? If not you can find it here.

The May patch removed the Cyber Angels and, as I predicted, the price of Finger Bones and Portable Power Generators has increased dramatically. There is no sign of the missing ships, no replacement drop and those items making their way to the killboards seem to come from pilots who are carrying cargo loads of agent specific materials.

The most recent loss of a finger bone in cargo was Tone Tsero yesterday. Looks like Tone didn’t get the memo about the Niarja gate. As for the Portable Power Generator that was way back on June 4 when Jonny Nunber5 lost a heron at Inder.

As for the Cyber Angel ships, they haven’t been involved in a killmail since May 25 which lends more weight to the disappearance being linked to the May patch.

Cyber Nomad last seen May 19.
Cyber Ruffian last seen May 24.
Cyber Raider last seen May 25.

Eventually the items will no longer exist in sufficient quantities for the missions to be completed. Being COSMOS missions, the consequences are dire. If you fail a mission the agent will not talk to you ever again. You are effectively locked out on that character for life.

When I realised what was going on I logged a bug report that clearly identified the missing ships and their importance in completing the missions for Tarak Horkund and Ramakell Tickrest. In the past Bug reports have been opened and a comment by a GM has been made withing a few weeks to a month at the most. That hasn’t happened.

This is just another broken thing, in the long line of broken things, in a game that seems hell bent on destroying itself from within.

Very difficult to Fly Safe these days but that’s for another post,

Amarr COSMOS is broken which leads me to think they all are. This forum post by Vortigern Vitalis confirms the Amarr issue –