Bukar Robaerger

Region: Metropolis
System: Traun
Site: Sister Camp
Corp: Brutor Tribe
Required Minmatar Faction Standing: 4

Before talking to this Agent make sure you have ‘Okham’s Head’, ‘Cracked Keycard’ and a ‘Transputer Orb’.

You must have a ‘Repaired Keycard’ to access the site containing the ‘Transputer Orb’. The Agent will provide you with a ‘Repaired Keycard’ in mission 2 when you give her the ‘Cracked Keycard’.

Rewards for missions 2 and 3:
1 x ‘Kindred’ Gyrostabilizer BPC 3 run
1 x Medium Degenerative Concussion Bomb BPC 3 run + Minmatar Faction Standing.

Bukar Robaerger is a Minmatar COSMOS Agent residing at the Sister Camp in Traun. She offers three missions titled ‘Transputer Orb’.

Transputer Orb
Mission 1 – The Trace
Acquire Jihar Okham’s Head (0.1m3) and return it to your Agent.

The Head is located in the second pocket of the Contested Minmatar Army Complex – Traun. Tarak Horkund will have already sent you to the Overrun Security Corridor to acquire Sadry Dromoklet’s Head. Acquiring Jihar Okham’s Head is easier.

When you land you may be attacked by three Thukker Scavengers. Kill them. Move to the right of the site, on the same elevation as Jihar, and in range of the ‘Damaged Portal’. Firing on Jihar Okham does not draw aggro from the room, but you must maintain separation from the Thukker Scavengers. His goon’s will close range quickly. Once you have killed them drop an MTU and scoop loot.
If the room is still passive you might want to hit the Damaged Portal and get the ‘Mysterious Portal Part’ you will need three if you do the Sisters of Eve COSMOS mission for Sifor Patren, just be prepared for a long wait as the portal is tough. You can use drones but watch aggro.

Mission 2 – The Cap
Acquire a ‘Cracked Keycard’ (0.1m3) and return to your Agent.

Take a ship capable of locking and hitting +55km’s (I did it in an Alpha Clone Gnosis). Go back into the Overrun Security Corridor in the Contested Minmatar Army Complex, Traun. There are seven ‘Old Nefantar Bunkers’ and five of them are within 55km’s of the warp in beacon.
Kill the three Thukker Scavengers that auto agress you. Lock as many of the Nefantar Bunkers as you can, Drop an MTU, align to a Celestial, preferably in the opposite direction to the enemy.

As soon as you fire on the bunkers the room will fully aggro. Pop all the bunkers and warp out. Re-enter the Complex when your aggression timer has expired, scoop the loot and you should have the ‘Cracked Keycard’ and some ‘Refugees’.

Mission 3 – The Redemption
Acquire a ‘Transputer Orb’ (2m3)and return it to your Agent.

With your newly acquired ‘Repaired Keycard’ head back into the Contested Minmatar Army Complex, Traun. Move through the First Corridor. On arrival at the Overrun Security Corridor kill the tree Thukker Scavangers that auto agress. You need to maintain 35+ kilometers from any of the Cybertron Ships, avoid the Ammatar Pilgrims, Thukker Nomad Chief and any of the Gisti Ships.

I went far left and burnt back into the gate which drew aggro from a couple of Gisti ships. The gate isn’t locked if you have the Repaired Keycard. The Repaired Keycard is not consumed on activation.

Once in the Destroyed Nefantar Base you will be attacked by a Frigate and Cruiser. The rest of the room remains neutral and your target is 65 km away.

Ignore the Thukker and Ammatar ships grouped far away on the right of the site. There are three Gisti Frigates and three Cruisers as well as three Pakell’s Dog Cruisers. There are two Battleships.
The Black Viper which drops the ‘Transputer Orb’ and Norak Pakkul drops DNA required by Poreg Muchor – L4 – Minmatar Cosmos.

Firing on Norak Pakkul will aggro his dogs. Firing on the Black Viper may or may not aggro his Gisti guard. Fire on any of the Gisti ships and everyone will aggro. The Gistum Pricipalis may drop a Sniper ID Slice.

Probably worth noting here that Norak’s ship is named Norak Pakkel and the DNA is named Norak Pakkul.
Seems to be a typo, but caused some confusion when trying to figure out which agent wanted his DNA.

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