Sungur Tyrfin

Region: Metropolis
System: Hjoramold
Site: Lord Bastion
Corp: Boundless Creation
Required Minmatar Faction Standing: 4

Before talking to this agent make sure you have an ‘ST 60 Memory Chip’.
LOW SECURITY TRAVEL WARNING – Mission 2 requires a chip to be picked up from Evati.

When you warp to ‘Lord Bastion’ it is best to warp to at 20km due to a bug where you land in the station.

Rewards for mission 2 and 3:
1 x +3 memory implant
1 x ‘Firewall’ Signal Amplifier Blue Print Copy (3 run)
Mission 2 time bonus – 1000rnds Republic Fleet EMP M

Sungur Tyrfin is a Minmatar COSMOS Agent residing at the Lord Bastion site in Hjoramold. She offers three missions under the title ‘Attack of the Killer Drones’.

Attack of the Killer Drones
Mission 1 – ST 58
Combat – Recover the ST 58 Memory Chip (0.1m3) from the Rogue Drones.

Agent will give you a location to warp to. You will land at an unguarded gate. Use the gate to enter the first room. No aggro on landing.
2 Battle Cruisers, 6 Cruisers and 3 Frigates.

I completed this room in a Community Fitting SOE Epic Arc Thrasher on an Alpha Clone, however Battleships are allowed through the gates.

Killing the Violator Alvum will spawn 5 Frigates within 3 km which include a Strain Splinter Alvi which may warp scramble or stasis webify.

You must kill everything to access the second gate.
The second room has the ST 58 Drone and two frigates at 20 km who will all auto aggro within 5 seconds. Kill the ST 58 Drone and the chip will drop.

Mission 2 – ST 59
Courier 1 x ST 59 Memory Chip (0.1m3) from Evati II-I Republic Justice Department Tribunal to the Agent.

The Bei – Hagilur gate is a well known gate camp system and Evati is a Faction Warfare gateway. Caution is needed if you accept this mission because the chip is not on contract or the market. Fail and you will not get access to the final mission.
When delivering the chip to the Agent ensure you have enough cargo space to accept the rewards – while you can go and get the chip in a shuttle you can’t complete the mission because of the limited cargo size.

Mission 3 – ST 60
Combat – Find the ST 60 drone and kill it. Retrieve the chip and return it to your Agent.

You need to scan this site. It is near Hjoramold XII Moon 1 and has a Signature ID of JUQ-264. The site is heavily farmed, and has a long spawn time, so you will have to be patient. Several reports of an Elite Frigate Drone but I haven’t seen one – Completed in an Alpha Clone Blaster Gnosis.

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