Ramakell Tikrest

Region: Metropolis
System: Uriok
Site: Culture Recess
Corp: Vherokior
Required Minmatar Faction Standing: 4

Before talking to this agent make sure you have a ‘Portable Power Generator’ and a ‘Navy Issue Amplifier’.

As of 24 May 2020 patch 18.05 – Angle Cyber ships no longer spawn in the Ani Constellation. The Portable Generator is no longer available and might have to be sourced from contract.
Now available – Cyber Belt NPC reintroduced in patch 20.07 / 10 August 22.

Reward for completion of mission 3:
1 x 50MN Digital Booster Microwarpdrive Blue Print Copy (3 run) + Minmatar Faction Standing increase.

Ramakell Tikrest is a Minmatar COSMOS Agent residing in the Culture Recess located in Uriok. She offers three missions under the title ‘Utopian Signs’

Utopian Signs
Mission 1 – Radio Sociology
Acquire 1 x Portable Power Generator (10m3) and deliver to the Agent.

These are dropped by belt rats in the Ani Constellation. Try belts in Uriok, Tvink and Traun. Be warned that these days you may warp into a bunch of Triglavians as well. After patch 18.05 the Triglavians left High Security Space around 24 May 2020 and it seems the Angle Cyber ships with them. This item may only available on contract.

Mission 2 – Antenna in the Sky
Retrieve a ‘Custom made Antenna’ (200m3) from Hek VIII-12 Boundless Creation Factory and deliver to the Agent.

4 Jump round trip.

Mission 3 – Navy Issue Amplifier
Acquire a ‘Navy Issue Amplifier’ (200m3) from the Contested Minmatar Army Complex in Traun.

When you grabbed 3 x Refugees for Remy Ouch you may have come here. This complex has the largest number of Minmatar related COSMOS items and is worth revisiting several times.

The site is rated DED 4/10 and maximum ship size is Battle Cruiser. The first room can be kited and you don’t need to engage anything to get to the gate.

On entering the Overrun Security Corridor there is a good chance you will be attacked by three Thukker Scavanger’s.
The ‘Navy Issue Amplifier’ is located in the ‘Republic Navy Container’ in the Overrun Security Outpost. It is guarded by two Gist Harbinger Major Cruisers, however there are several Cybertron Cruisers and Thukker Scavengers to get through.

Agressing everything is not a good idea as the incoming DPS is heavy, especially if you annoy the Cybertron Cruisers. The range at which agression is triggered is not constant. Using Drones will not aggro the pocket but they will be attacked by pretty much everything in the pocket. Thukker Scavangers re-spawn quickly.

Go in with a plan, a few friends or a seriously tanked ship.