Schebach Korten

Region: Metropolis
System: Uriok
Site: Insurgent Encampment
Corp: Sebiestor Tribe
Required Minmatar Faction Standing: 4

Before you talk to this agent make sure you have three ‘Sniper ID Slice’.

Reward for mission 3:
1 x Large ‘Integrative’ Hull Repair Unit Blue Print Copy (3 run) + Minmatar Faction Increase
Time Bonus for mission 2:
1000rnds Republic Fleet Nuclear M

Schebach Korten is a Minmatar COSMOS Agent located at the Insurgents Encampment at Uriok. She offers three missions under the title ‘Anarchy’.

Mission 1 – Burning Needs
Courier (0.5m3) Tri-Vitoc from Eystur to the agent.

6 jump round trip – not available on the market

Mission 2 – Home Sweet Home
Retrieve 3 x Sniper ID Slice (0.3m3) and give to the agent.

The Agent suggests you try “Contested sites” and I think she is referring to the Contested Minmatar Guerilla Base in Tvink. Unfortunately the Angel Data Guard Cruisers, that drop the Sniper ID Slice, are deep in the complex at the Angel Information Center and the place is heavily defended.

Sniper ID Slice are occasionally dropped by Maru Snipers found at the Nefantar Ruins – Barkrik, however they don’t farm well so waiting in the Ruins for a re-spawn tends to be unproductive.
Some sites mention the Maru Prison Facility – Hjoramold 10-17 or the Bazeri Palen site near Hjoramold 10-8, I personally haven’t found any there. Use caution when warping to the Bazeri Palen site as it is very difficult.

Mission 3 – Innocence Lost
Combat – Kill Colony Leader and Colony Ship and retrieve the Forged Way point Logs (0.1m3).

Warp into 2 enemy ships at 35km.
Done in the SOE Epic Arc Thrasher if you get under the Battleships lasers. Suggest you close fast. Major EM damage. Last ship killed drops the logs.

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