Mining fractured moon chunks

I took advantage of the free skill giveaway and logged my characters in each day to collect their Alpha rewards. I still haven’t found anything suitable for an Alpha that can take on an emerging conduit and hold the field. Sure my Gila works but I would like something more efficient.

I left the conduits on hold for a while, ran some t1 and t2 Abyssal sites and was appalled by the lack of good loot. The roving Trigs, Conduits and Abyssal sites have increased the amount of goodies in the market and prices have plummeted. I sold a Precursor Destroyer skill book for 70 million when I first started doing Abyssal sites and they are down to 5 now.

With a around half a million skill points on my (non-aligned) alt I decided to add some rigs to my Venture fit. The new Community fitting advice in the ship fitting window is a good guide for Alpha players on what works with a Venture. I needed three Field Extenders and skilled up Jury Rigging to 1 and Shield Rigging to 3 to fit them. The best thing about the unallocated skill points is that even though my little alt is at his max of 5 million SP the unallocated points can be used up to 20 million – how else can they sell Daily Alpha Injectors. The worst thing about unallocated skill points is that you get a ping and pop up every time you log in reminding you.

With my shield buffed venture I headed off to a nearby 0.5 security space system that had so many Upwell refineries that my overview was impossible to read. I jumped from refinery to refinery looking for Moon Ore and making note of which refineries were pulling moon chunks.

Nearly ready to fracture

I finally found one, but had also gathered some valuable intel about who owned the refineries. The Moon Ore belt looked as though it had only recently been fractured. From what I have read, the chunk has to be detonated by the station owner if that setting is chosen. If left on automatic it will fracture automatically after a set period of time.

Once fractured the Moon chunk provides common ores, which are not normally found in High sec, and Ubiquitous Ores which contain normal ores and materials that used to only be available during the moon mining process – moon goo.

So into the belt with my trusty venture and fire up my lasers on a chunk of Spod -mmmm Spod and happily cycled away until my hold was full. I did grab some of the Ubiquitous ore just for because it was there but the value to me was in the common ore.

Couple of interesting things:
Roving Triglavians do not visit the fractured chunk. They will spawn on the Upwell refinery but don’t seem to want to travel the 200 or so kilometers to the new belt. As for the Blood Raiders I am not 100% sure as my alt is neutral standing to them but a Forward Operating Base spawned while I was mining and I didn’t see any over the few days I was there.

Most refineries in High Sec ask for a donation to cover fuel costs, I think that is fair, but there isn’t much the owners can do short of inviting CODE into the system or ganking you themselves. I sling the owner some isk which I am sure they don’t even notice. I am not exactly stripping belts 🙂

Is it worth it for an Alpha – hell no.
Hours spent watching lasers cycle for very little reward isn’t going to keep people there. For me on the other hand the goal is enough minerals to build a Leshak. Guess I will be in the fractured belts for a while….

Fly Safe as Always