Chaos is alive and well

Logged into my little high sec home system to find myself very alone.

Normally there would be one or two brave souls mining, running missions, signatures or cosmic anomaly’s. But not today. Local was empty (which made me wonder if it was blacked out).

Undocked and instantly saw the problem. A Blood Raider Forward Operating Base had spawned and the belts were a very dangerous place to be. Not only do you have to deal with the nasty little Triglavian frigates but an ever expanding group of Blood Raiders can really spoil your day – especially if they don’t like you. I warped to a belt to check the response and was really glad I was aligned and at max speed when the reinforcements arrived.

I was concerned that they might decide to visit the Emerging Conduit but it seems they don’t. I cleared another one without issue but still need to find a suitable ship. There was even a reddit post on not using the Gila but it didn’t really give an option. More thought required on that.

It seems strange that the roaming Triglavians don’t assist their Emerging Conduit brethren. Obviously there is some sort of communication interference caused by the conduit….

With all the nasty’s in system I wouldn’t like to be a new player in High Sec trying to grind.

Fly Safe,