Emerging Conduits for Alpha Clones

Post Surgical Strike patch – 16 Apr 20
Lost 1773 EHP and a fair amount of the bonus for having an Adaptive Invuln. Without some serious pimping you won’t be able to survive the waves.

This is a work in process. I am still trying to figure out what ship will work.
UPDATE: – I haven’t updated this page because I haven’t been able to find a good Alpha Clone fit that allows you to hold the field for the last two waves. If you know of one please leave a comment.

The other day I read a post by The Nosy Gamer which detailed their experience with the newest Triglavian offering – Emerging conduits. It went reasonably well and Nosy seems to have not only cleaned up but also mined some high end minerals in High Sec.

Spurred on by his success and description, I thought I would give it a go as an Alpha. I have been reluctant, because having D’scanned some of the conduits I felt that the Triglavians, hiding within, would be too much for my Alpha Gila. The key from Nosy’s post was that they come in waves. What I had actually been scanning was the last wave. Seems that someone in my system kills off the first two waves and leaves the last possibly due to its ferocity.

On initiating warp you get the following message:

The site is empty. That gives you about 10 seconds to look around and take in the beauty. The shards are arranged in a Trig logo. You will get a message in local when the portal opens. “Conduit aperture detected, Triglavian Vessels emerging“. A dark portal opens and in swam the Triglavians approx 75km’s from the warp in point.

Calm before the storm

I am in a basic Gila with three shield extenders and an Adaptive Invuln. I use Fury light missiles, either Scourge or Inferno. Drones are Faction, Federation or Caldari – 2 medium, 4 light. While the tracking on the Republic Drones is better the hit rate isn’t – no idea why, but I suspect some long forgotten buff to Caldari Drones still exists in the Gila build. The stasis webifier is good value as the Damaviks move fast. The Salvager allows me to hold the field.

First Wave:- 1 Destroyer – 4 Frigs
2 x Raznaborg Damavik (remote rep)
1 x Tangling Raznaborg Damavik (Web + remote rep)
1 x Starving Raznaborhg Damavik (Neut 40GJ – 4 sec)
1 x Harrowing Raznaborg Kikimora (Painter +remote rep)

Second Wave:- 4 x Destroyer – 2 frigs
1 x Raznaborg Kikimora (remote rep)
1 x Zorya’s Kikimora
1 x Harrowing Raznaborg Kikimora (Painter + remote rep)
1 x Tangling Raznaborg Kikimora (Web + Remote Rep)
1 x Starving Raznaborhg Damavik (Neut 40GJ – 4 sec)
1 x Renewing Raznabork Damavik (remote rep)

Last Wave: – 1 Cruiser – 1 Destroyer – 7 Frigs.
Zorya’s Vedmak
Raznaborg Kikimora
2 x Starving Raznaborg Damavik (Neut 40GJ – 4 sec)
1 x Harrowing Raznaborg Damavik (Painter + remote rep)
1 x Ghosting Raznaborg Damavik (Guidance + Tracking disrupter)
1 x Blinding Raznaborg Damavik (Sensor Dampener)
1 x Tangling Raznaborg Damavik (Web + Remote Rep)
1 x Renewing Raznaborg Damavik.

The site has a massive amount of small asteroids called Talassonite.
Volume = 16m3 which provides the following per 100 units :-
Trit = 12,600 Units
Nocxium = 456 Units
Zydrine = 81 Units
Megacyte = 13 Units

I dropped a mobile tractor unit and orbited it. Killed the first wave with the exception of one frig and salvaged the field. Killed the final frig and headed home for shield regeneration because there isn’t a free fix point citadel in my system. My shield held for the first and second waves.
The third was a case of running in, killing what I could and getting out. The Cruiser went down surprisingly fast, but 7 frigate hurt considering I was Webbed, Damped, Neuted and painted.

When I killed the last Damavik there was a message in local – “The conduit is closing – DED authorization of Payment Granted” which turned out to be 4.5million isk. I held the field and salvaged the last of the wrecks. As an Alpha I can’t go get my mining ship, the site despawns if you leave it, or at least I think it does.

Was it worth it?
Estimated time was about an hour because I was unfamiliar with the lay out and a bit gimped as an Alpha. I think maybe a Gnosis would be better? Plenty of salvage and a little bit of good loot: Jita sell price 23 mill, buy price 10 mill.

Hek prices

The mining alone is worth it for the rare minerals. Next time I am going to wave in local and see if someone is interested in mining the site.

Fly Safe as Always