Abyssal Filament Space gets a facelift

Having perfected my ship fitting, damage output and killed my fair share of Raznaborgs I was slowly losing interest. The repetitive nature of the kill, the decreasing standard of loot and the saturation of the market began to wear me down.

I think the biggest problem was the lack of a goal, and this plagues every Eve player at some stage. If for instance I had the goal of building a piece of Triglavian tech and had identified what was needed to do that, then farming the little recon guys might be alright. But the goodies they drop are for the Tech 2 Trig ships and I don’t have the skill or inclination to follow that path. The reason I was hunting and killing Triglavian Recon’s in the first place was because it was something new – not a means to an end.

Something new and not a means to an end is a poor place to be – well it is for me anyway. I need a goal and during my most enjoyable times in Eve I have had something to aspire to, something to plan for and something to create vast unruly spreadsheets to monitor progress.
The spreadsheets are silent.

What to do next? And more importantly what to do next as an Alpha.

I loaded up the trusty Gila and headed off to do a Calm Firestorm Filament – a level one no-brainer in a ship as tough as a Gila. First thing I noticed was the gate that appeared when I activated the filament. I was sure it used to be a beacon.


Seriously Why? given all the issues with the game seems to be facing at the moment a small tweak to a beacon to make it represent a gate seems like a waste of development time? Well it does from my non-industry totally untrained eye.

There have been a few other changes in Abyssal space, the inclusion of info slides on the enemy which is a good thing.

Omni damage – Omni Tank

Mods are remaining active between abyssal pockets, they used to switch off. One thing remains the same, you cant reload between pockets. They have also put a bunch of rocks and other collidable things around the site. I might have this wrong, but I don’t remember bumping into so much flotsam / jetsam .

Asteroids near the gate

All this finds me activating a filament every now and then just to keep the fun going. I do have a goal, I want to build a Leshak, I have the Blueprint and the Triglavian stuff – just need the minerals. I guess the Drifter Recons just distracted me a little or it could have been the idea of mining all those minerals.

And on a strange subnote – I haven’t had a bounty for a while, must have lost it when I last got blown up. It was the obligatory 100K that one of my “friends” had dropped on my head because everyone had to have one. I logged in yesterday and there was a note from Concord telling me that someone had placed 100,001 isk bounty on me. The owner was a guy I saw in local the previous day who was a Noctis driver from a group of Raznaborg hunters. I think he took exception to my salvaging of his cans.

And another subnote. When I joined the game on the 7th April 2006 there were 19,045 max concurrent players at 23:00h. On the 23 August 2019 at 23:00 there were 19,632.
Doesn’t mean anything really, just interesting that we seem to be back to the same number of people online Saturday morning in my timezone.
Good or bad? will let you know in another 13 years 🙂

Fly Safe as Always