Recon’s are now Raznaborg’s

I was going to write up a post about the missing Recon’s yesterday but they are back with new names and damage types.

A Raznaborg Damavik is the old Recon Damavik. The rest of them retain their Triglavian designation – Renewing, Starving, Blinding and add the Raznaborg designation.

Attributes remain the same but the damage dealt is different. It was 33% Explosive and 61% Thermal and now 50-50 EM and Kinetic

Drones killed the Blinding – courtesy Eve Combat Log Analyser

Damage remained at 120DPS max. The Hammerheads didn’t hit as often as I would have liked but I have had mixed results with other drones so I will stick with them. Using Hobgoblins works too. Don’t forget to keep an eye on them as they will get targeted occasionally.

Fly Safe,