A list of XVI Anniversary Celebration gifts

This is more for my benefit than anyone else – but someone might want to refer to it in the future. I am tossing up whether to expand the descriptions.

The Campaign ran for 18 days. To redeem the gifts all you had to do was log in. You didn’t have to log in consecutively, just log in 16 times in the 18 days. Omega Accounts received both the Alpha gift and their own.

An Omega account stood to gain 1,2500,000 Skill Points as well as the Gnosis, Sunesis, Apotheosis and Praxis. One of the awesome things about the gifts is that they are Crate Tokens which take up very little space. For instance the Praxis and skin crate is only 4m3. This means if you accidentally redeemed it to somewhere you didn’t want to, moving it isn’t a big issue and it will fit in a shuttle. The down side of the giveaway is that those ships have tanked in price and wont recover for some time.

Day 1:
Alpha – Capsuleer Day XVI T-Shirt Crate
Omega – Capsuleer Day XVI Gnosis & SKIN Crate

Day 2:
Alpha – Wings of Victory Fireworks
Omega – Impetus Potency-50 Glamourex Booster

Day 3:
Alpha – Permaband Tour Cap Crate
Omega – Myrmidon & Tornado Argyros SKIN Crate

Day 4:
Alpha – The Yulai Siege YC106
Omega – 25,000 Skill Points

Day 5:
Alpha – Capsuleer Day XVI Cap Crate
Omega – Capsuleer Day XVI Sunesis & SKIN Crate

Day 6:
Alpha – Small Navy Ammunition Crate
Omega – Large Faction Ammunition Crate

Day 7:
Alpha – Capsuleer Day XVI Apotheosis & SKIN Crate
Omega – Rokh Permaband – Wrecking Machine SKIN (Permanent)

Day 8:
Alpha – Drone Regions YC109
Omega – 50,000 Skill Points

Day 9:
Alpha – Calm Abyssal Filaments Crate
Omega – Drake Oracle Argyros SKIN Crate

Day 10:
Alpha – 25,000 Skill Points
Omega – Capsuleer Day XVI Praxis & SKIN Crate

Day 11:
Alpha – Jita Protest YC113
Omega – Eico Redarc/Redwire XVI Augmentation Crate

Day 12:
Alpha – Wings of Victory Firework
Omega – Impetus Potency-75 Glamourex Booster

Day 13:
Alpha – Permaband Tour T-Shirt Crate
Omega – Sabre Permaband – Warp tot he Dance Floor SKIN (Permanent)

Day 14:
Alpha – Medium Faction Ammunition Crate
Omega – 100,000 Skill Points

Day 15:
Alpha – Titanomachy YC116
Omega – Silver Monocle Interface Crate

Day 16:
Alpha – 50,000 Skill points
Omega- 1,000,000 Skill points