Quick Update

Ciao to my reader from Italy.

I have exhausted the limit of Alpha Clone Anomic missions using my old ship fits. Time now to see if some of the remaining missions can be done with Alpha friendly ships. I will be adding the guides over the next few weeks. I am also putting together videos for YouTube so expect them to be appearing soon.

Eve continues to amaze me with its depth, beauty and hidden complexity. I suspect that is why I cant bring myself to terminate the accounts and walk away. It would be safe to say that on a weekly basis I find something I didn’t know existed.

I use about seven main L4 Security agents to provide me with Anomic missions. It takes about 15 minutes to fly around and ask each of them for a mission, sometimes I end up with an empty queue, other times it is full, but the other day something interesting happened.

I had an offer of a standard mission listed in my Journal. While in space, on the way to the station, I started a conversation with the agent and declined the mission but left the window open. When I docked I was automatically offered a new mission without requesting it.

This only works if the Agent is not a locator agent.

Another mouse click avoided 🙂

Fly Safe as Always

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