Presents – Santa can I have some good internets?

I saw the posts that heralded the free offerings this holiday season and I had every intention of claiming them, but it wasn’t to be. Somewhere along the way I forgot how to count and now find myself with very little in the hanger and only 2 days to go. I won’t be getting all the Yule gifts this year.

Last year I bitched about the lack of presents in my post:-  Yoiul what?

This year I am not fully subbed, but I still find it strange that you don’t actually have to enter the game-verse to receive the gift. Just log into the initial screen, claim, assign to a toon and then log out.  I didn’t really spend anytime in game which coincides with me not spending any cash and once again the offerings for those who did remain faithful are not enticing enough for me to open my wallet and re-sub.

Most people find mining boring as bat shit – so do I, but at the moment it is the only thing I can do. I am mining because I live in a poor third world country with a horrible internet system. My government devised a brilliant infrastructure project and spent the better part of 50 billion dollars (and growing) implementing a system that only 1/5th of the population can access.

It is called the National Broadband Network and there is nothing “national” about it.

I am one of the “lucky few” and can connect to the magic that is NBN.

When I say lucky what I really mean is that I have no choice. When the box was stuck to my house all other services were disconnected. The land line and cable went. My only choice was which of the Telco’s I wanted to engage. The NBN Co. is a wholesaler, which means they can provide a poor service and blame the Telco’s. The Telco’s in turn blame NBN Co and around and around it goes.

My suburb was one of the first in the country to have FTTP (fiber to the premises) because the member of Parliament who’s electorate I live in figured it might pull some votes. My connection is around the same speed I used to get out of cable with more packet loss and greater congestion. I can pay more to get a “faster package” but it isn’t the internal structure that is the problem.

I live on an island and to connect to the world we rely on a few barnacle encrusted undersea cables. It seems that no one thought it would be an idea to make sure they were working before spending a good chunk of the countries gross domestic product on an ill conceived plan. But not to worry good citizens, plans are afoot to connect us to Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. Seems that we, as a nation, are “increasingly concerned” that China is seducing our Pacific friends and by dropping a few hundred million on new cables to these islands, the locals will become our friends again. Not sure how that helps connect to the rest of the world but I guess it is a start.

Currently most multiplayer games are unplayable which is why mining is about the only Eve related thing I can do. I had intended returning to Anomic missions next year but if I can’t maintain a stable connection I don’t see the point. Risk vs Reward doesn’t include some gummy shark in Vietnam munching the cable – ok, that seems to be an Internet Truth, but seriously I can’t see why I should have to move to Europe to get good internets. Not in this day and age anyway.


Nothing I can do about it except undock that Venture.

Fly Safe as Always