Continuing FW

It is fun and I need fun to keep me engaged in Eve.

It is something I can do as an Alpha character.

It doesn’t take hours, sometimes as little as 15 minutes.

I don’t have to wait for other players to be ready.

I think I have found something that will keep me engaged for a while. I am spending around an hour a day capturing Plex’s and using the LP to buy stuff to sell. Being predominantly lazy and if I can get around 500-600 isk per LP then I am happy. No doubt someone will be making a profit on my laziness so in a way I am empowering the markets. Eve thrives on laziness.

Low sec space is very empty during my TZ which suits me. Gives me time to look at the other screen and read stuff without constantly smashing “V” and watching local.

I used to concentrate on Frigate sized plex’s but have since figured out that checking all the plex’s in system is a good idea because I have come across partially completed complex’s that will take the same time to finish as a frigate sized one. If the original pilot comes back in system I am happy to withdraw but so far that hasn’t happened.

As for my mains, I am still keeping the PI extractors working. It isn’t generating a huge income, but the little that trickles in from time to time makes it worth it. I will have to re-sub my mains next month to harvest and the cost of re-sub isn’t offset by the PI grab so I will have to have a plan ready to make use them in a positive way.

Plex sales caught my eye the other day, not that I want multi character training, but I would still like another Ragnarok. Unfortunately I can’t justify spending about $1,000 dollars just to have a ship sitting in the hanger. Looks like I will have to do it the old fashioned way and grind.

Welcome to my reader from Uzbekistan.

Fly Safe as Always