What next

My embarrassing loss is still on the top banner for zKillboard, lucky for me Eve players like blowing stuff up and that harrowing reminder will be gone soon enough. The Reddit post only scored 6 up-votes “nothing to see here – please move along”. It was an unremarkable loss that seems to happen so often in Eve and my guess is that it will continue to do so. People buy expensive stuff and lose it.

I sat back and took stock of what I wanted to do next. I had a little exploration guy looking at Low sec systems but got bored pretty quickly. There is no one in Low Sec (non-FW) unless you undock a Super 🙂

I decided to tend to my PI farms and check out the changes. Very disappointed.

A massive interface that eats half the screen, one less click to get everything happening and a few more annoying 3D spinning things that get in the way. Not the revamp I was expecting.

In the end I started a new character and did the NPE tutorial. Then I moved along to the career agents and ran all 10 missions for them. At the end of that I have a hanger full of ships and about 6 million Isk. Not bad considering they used to give you 5,000 and send you off to die a lonely death. I think this introduction, especially for the Alpha’s, is a move in the right direction. Needs some work, there were some strange mission choices with the career agents but all in all it was pretty enjoyable.

So, as the title says, What next?

I think I might just nurture that little character and see where he goes. Join a corp, have some fun and see if I can’t get him down to Null somewhere… The universe is his oyster.

Fly Safe as Always,